Megadede – What it is and how it works

There are many free services that allow us to watch movies or television series online anytime, anywhere, one of which is Megadede. All audiovisual content available on its platform is completely free, we do not need to download it.

Its interface is very similar to legal online movie services like Netflix or HBO. Users who visit Megadede can choose from thousands of contents, which are arranged in different catalogs, between films, documentaries, series, etc. In addition, this free platform also offers the possibility of adding the content that we want to the list to share with other interested users.

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Megadede features

In the following, we will provide you with some features of Megadede. As we told you before, the platform will allow us to create different lists with our favorite movies or series, if we complete the series and publish more chapters, the platform will be in charge of keeping us at any time when knowing this event: email or notification on the platform.

Finally, we will have a profile in which we will track the movies or other content that we have already seen. If we take a closer look at Megadede’s features and compare them to those of paid services, then there’s no question that this is a great option for those who are unwilling or struggling to pay the price. Netflix owns HBO.

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Free app

Being a completely free application, its use can be very scary for many people because they think that the platform is insecure. From our perspective, the security of Megadede can be seen from two points: from the perspective of malware and the privacy of each user.

In response to the first, we can say that the platform is completely safe, since the antivirus software will not detect it as potentially harmful to our applications. From a user privacy perspective, we should not trust this issue in any application. Any application, be it audiovisual content or social networks, is within the reach of hackers, and there are even many known cases of hacked applications, and these cybercriminals have stolen user data.

Megadede alternatives

Of course, if you want to use Megadede, we will provide you with two suggestions, you can consider the management of shared information in the application. First of all, it is recommended that you do not share real data on this service and secondly, if you can use a VPN without sharing the real IP. Although the latter is an extreme case, as long as you don’t provide real data, all is well.

If you can’t use the platform on your computer, please let me know that you can use it on your mobile device. To install megadede apk, you must first modify the settings of your mobile device so that it can accept downloads of applications of unknown origin (that is, applications that cannot be found on Google Play). To modify these settings, you must first go to “Settings”, “Applications”, and then activate the “Unknown sources” section.

Now that this has changed, you can start the download. Installing it will not cause problems for you, so after a few minutes, you will be able to use it on your phone. When you’re ready, launch it and use your details to access your services, that is, log in. If your case does not create an account, it only takes a few seconds to complete the operation, you only need to enter the email, first and last name, and finally the password.

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Finally, one of the novelties of Megadede is that you can add friends, but only if you have a computer version. This option will help you see what your friends are doing in the app. Although it is not clear why this feature is not available on mobile devices, we believe that the developers will soon merge it due to the simple fact that mobile devices have the most users. In short, Megadede is a good option for people who cannot afford Netflix or HBO services.

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