Megadede is now Playdede – All the details here

Over the years, the last name “dede” has accompanied some of the most popular download sites in Spain. It was originally Pordede, but several witnesses have been present since closing. The first is Plusdede, and until September 2020, it is Megadede.

However, it was suddenly announced that the movie and series link portals would be closed indefinitely. Until now, the old administrator of the Megadede website decided to reopen the portal with the new domain name.

Playdede, successor of Megadede, is already in Spain

A few days ago the news of May arrived like water: the creators of Megadede will return to the stage with Playdede, the natural successor of one of the pages to watch television series and most famous online movies in our country. Yesterday the platform was opened to the public and people raised a lot of questions about the new Megadede review. This time, we organized some of these questions based on the new platform to answer these questions.

Can I continue to watch series and movies online for free?

The fact is, yes. Playdede inherited the original philosophy of Megadede, and in recent months Megadede has been forced to become a simple database of series and movies without links to external websites. In this sense, Playdede preserves the essence of Pordede. In fact, it has already linked dozens of titles through sites like Powvideo, Gamovideo or Waaw.

Can I use my old Megadede account at Plusdede?

Unlike the transition between Plusdede and Megadede, Playdede arrives as a completely updated service. In fact, Megadede’s own website has announced that all portal servers have been removed and login information has also been removed. In other words, we will not be able to use our Megadede account on Playdede.

Is the directory the same as Megadede?

It is not clear if Playdede is based on the Megadede repository, although everything indicates that the server was created from scratch. In any case, since the portal site has been developed for several months, so far the web directory has been very extensive.

Playdede logo

Is registration open or can it only be accessed by invitation?

From the opening day, Playdede will open the registry to all users who want to access the platform. Also, unlike Pordede and Ultradede, the site does not require invitations to access the user registry.

Can I import my Megadede playlist into Playdede?

Playdede, everything you need to know about Megadede’s successors to watch TV series and movies online. We can import the Megadede list in CSV format to record the history of the series and movies that we have seen in Megadede.

Can I enter as a guest?

Unlike Megadede, Playdede requires registration to access web content, so at least by writing these lines, we can access it as guests.

Are there advertisements on the Playdede website?

Currently, Playdede does not have online advertising, although it is not ruled out that they will be integrated in the future. Unfortunately, there are still various advertisements on the portals hosting the videos: pop-ups, fake download buttons …

Can I see the video played on a Smart TV?

At least it’s negative for now. Without a mobile app, we cannot use the iOS and Android delivery options to mirror content to smart TVs. If we have a Chromecast or Apple TV, we can always use the system’s mirroring options (Android through Google Home, Windows through Google Chrome…) to send the device’s screen to the TV, just as it can. capture.

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Is there a Playdede app for Android or iPhone?

There is currently no Playdede mobile app. In fact, we do not recommend that you download any APK from sources other than the Internet at It’s probably some kind of malware. In these cases, the most desirable method is to visit a portal for mobile phones and tablets.

What does Playdede inherit from Megadede?

The difference between the Megadede domain owner and the portal administrator is the basis for understanding the opening of the new Playdede portal. In September 2020, the Pordede and Plusdede heir website announced that it is nearing completion. To understand sport, we must understand the two aspects involved. One is the owner of the domain and the other is the administrator of the Megadede web portal. The latter is the one that Playdede now opens.


Regarding the reasons for the closure of Megadede, the management pointed out that it was a combination of “loss of traffic and no more decision”, although they also explained that the owner of the domain had previously informed them that “the Judicial Power is persecuting them. South America “. The new website retains the idea of ​​a linked portal for watching TV shows and movies through streaming media, but now the admin is also responsible for the domain.

The person in charge of the new portal accuses the owners of the Megadede domain of not caring about their own portal

The owner of Playdede and former administrator of Megadede explained that they tried to buy the domain name: “They even tried to mediate between several bids. They even bid 10 or even 20,000 euros, and asked for this old Megadede domain name. Com, But it is completely separate “.

They explained: “The management team also received announcements of potential new sites within the Megadede domain, but after countless outrages, the last conversation with the owner and his behavior with users basically resulted in the loss of contact,” Say explains. At the time of writing this article, the Megadede website provided parting information, pointing to other similar domains, but not pointing to the new Playdede.

The Megadede domain has not been linked to the new website, but it does link to other similar websites

The two former Megadede administrators participated in Playdede, but they were managed by different developers and a third administrator. One of the leaders explained: “Although development and launch are managed by a new administrator, we are all partners at the same level.”

Playdede involves two former Megadede administrators, but is no longer responsible for the owner of the domain or the Megadede database. The new manager said: “We want to provide more options for people who cannot work due to the closure of Megadede. We did it”. This new administrator does not belong to the organization that manages Megadede.


The profiles of the social network Megadede and the groups associated with the portal are now called Playdede. And these are opened by the web administrator instead of the domain owner.

The conflict of transfer of Megadede to Playdede has been in the accounts and lists of series and movies

Playdede forces you to create a new account, but allows you to retrieve content from Megadede through the CSV list. For two months, Megadede administrators have been reminding users to download CSV files from the list to facilitate migration.

Those users who do not have to start from scratch. However, users who have CSV files will be able to transfer them. This is because the administrator can contact Megadede users, but cannot access the database. They spent two months asking Megadede users to download their series list in a CSV file to ease the migration.

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“At the beginning some basic things will be done, although visually more attractive than the previous website. But since there are no communication problems here, as in the previous web, and the team is more united and focused on the users, we will try Tell them that for users as administrators and administrators, everyone has better functions, this is something in which we had never thought before and never intended to. An administrator said that the hosting company Playdede and the physical servers are hosted in Ukraine.

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