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You want to watch movies and series online for free with Megadede alternatives. There is no monthly subscription, it is not necessary to pay for its consumption and it is not necessary to consider copyrights. We are not here to judge, but we remind you that Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime can be substituted, and you can access the content comfortably and legally at a low price.

However, as far as we know, these operations do cost money. Also, to find all the content you want, you will eventually have to pay some fees. Therefore, we decided to compile the best of the famous streaming media platform Megadede in the email.The alternative, although not completely closed, will be in constant risk of being closed.

But first, if you don’t have an online Megadede user, and you’ve been here for other types of searches, we’ll tell you what Megadede is and why so many people experience real stress when they are depressed. Go!

What is Megadede?

If you are one of the people who chooses to watch series and movies online for free, it is likely that you have already used streaming platforms (such as Pordede or Plusdede), and for obvious reasons, these platforms have finally closed. Well, the Megadede platform was born from the creators of Pordede and Plusdede, it has the same concept, the same content, and you can even use the same username and password that you already have on these platforms.

However, Megadede’s downward trend and its inclusion in the list of copyright-infringing pages indicate that this torrent platform will eventually shut down on occasion. However, due to the high demand for free movies and TV series, P2P download pages keep popping up and Megadede has many alternative products to choose from.

Here’s a definitive checklist to watch streaming content for free when the Megadede website is finally shut down or simply because you want to have other options. You know what they say, all kinds are taste.

Best Torrent1

Best Torrent1 – Screenshot

Although the original field was closed due to the complaint from the Spanish authorities, Megadede was soon found as alternatives. BetterTorrent 1 is basically the same original website, but only with a few domain modifications. For administrators, it is very easy to download the entire web and reload it in a new domain. It works perfectly and is regularly updated.


DivxTotal – Screenshot

The other classic that we talk about as Megadede alternatives, DivxTotal has also changed its name many times to escape justice. This is one of the more traditional pages in the Torrent file and provides a large amount of content in Spanish or with subtitles. The ads on this site are a bit annoying, but hey.


EliteTorrent – Screenshot

Like Megadede and other download platforms, EliteTorrent has always been one of the best, and has been persecuted by the courts on a number of occasions. It can always fall, but another similar domain will soon appear. It has a wide catalog of films, series and documentaries in Spanish with high-quality subtitles or videos.

Great Torrent

GranTorrent – Screenshot

Old rock singers will never die, and there are many more on this list. Here we will find everything, movies, series, documentaries and more. Gran Torrent provides content downloads in Torrent format and online viewing is not allowed. Unfortunately, because the website has been blocked, it cannot be accessed from Spain, but can be accessed through a VPN.


ExtraTorrents – Screenshot

A very traditional website. In particular, the site has a large catalog of movies and TV series, which are often difficult to find. It also provides us with documentaries, video clips, music, games, and other content for download.


DonTorrent – Screenshot

Torrent search engines have become very popular recently, so it is unclear how long it will take before domain names are removed or changed. It is currently functional and there is a torrent of movies, series, music, games or documentaries.


Verpelisonline – Screenshot

This focuses on viewing content on streaming media without downloading any content. The biggest problem with this website is that it does not have series, only movie catalogs. Enjoy this website with few ads that avoid annoying users and thus stand out. A good option that the Internet offers us is to continue from the moment we leave the movie.

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Torrentcalidad – Screenshot

A fairly new and simple website that can function normally as Megadede alternatives. It has a good catalog of movies and series that are updated regularly. This page has direct links to EliteTorrent and DivxTotal, if they don’t have any content, you know where to look.

There are not as many ads as on other websites, but we cannot say that it is scarce. What is very interesting is that it allows you to watch television series online and enter the next chapter through a simple menu.


Viva Torrents – Screenshot

Another option similar to the previous one as Megadede alternatives, the focus is on the torrent of Spanish. Its interface is somewhat worse, but the advantage is that the number of ads found when searching the stream of movies and episodes is very small, although it is still a good option for Megadede in 2021.


Cuevana3 – Screenshot

Yes, we still use the old joystick. Although it is not as old as the others, it has many traditions and is easy to navigate. This page allows you to view content online without downloading it, and it can also provide direct downloads and torrent downloads. Although its catalog is not as large as that of other websites, it is the most complete and offers the best alternative.

What are torrent files and how do they work?

Many users think that a torrent file it is a file that can be shared on a P2P network. The file can be any style of mp3, video, application or document, but it is not completely like that because the torrent file contains the information of the The information is normally distributed for free on the network or on the Internet.

Therefore, the torrent itself belongs to the BitTorrent network, which actually contains the files that we want to download or obtain. The weight of these torrent files is usually around 100 KB, which means that the download volume is small.

You must use a dedicated application to open these torrent files. For example, you need to use Microsoft Word to open a Word document. You can use uTorrent to open the torrent file. As just an example, the file communicates with the server that has the seed of the file to download, (Seed), and then it will form the final file, but in this download, we will also participate in the exchange of the file, depending on the amount of downloads at that time.

If someone wants to create a torrent file, this is not an easy task, because it can be done using the same uTorrent or MakeTorrent, which is only feasible by selecting the file or folder that we want to share and save from the application. A torrent file, just like we can provide it to network users, also allows them to start downloading the file from their computer via P2P.

Now, let’s continue explaining how to get these files, which can be obtained from different pages that provide search services (such as Mininova or Torrent Fetcher applications), these files are very effective and provide files with real statistics. Where to get it; after that you can use uTorrent to open the torrent and start downloading the files we are interested in.

Once the software (like uTorrent) finds all the parts of the file that we want to download, it will start downloading each part or seed it finds. In some cases, your connection speed will be limited by each user or seed.

This is the basic working method of the BitTorrent network, in this file, all the data that has been searched and downloaded can be found through the information provided by the torrent file.

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