Alternatives to Youtube Kids – for the little ones

Looking for Alternatives to Youtube Kids? This is a YouTube platform that contains exclusive content for children from 2 to 8 years old. It includes a parental control function that ensures that parents adapt to the age of their children when watching different videos, while limiting their usage time.

One of the advantages of this application is that it is not necessary to link an account to it, so you only need to enter the URL or download the application to start browsing the application.

However, there are other options to provide content just for kids. Below, you can see the best recommendations for platforms for children, 100% of which provide safe content for the little ones in the house.

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The best Alternatives to YoutubeKids with exclusive content for children


Noggin is Nickelodeon’s content platform for children ages 0-6. It can currently be viewed from the Apple TV app and offers all programs in up to 20 languages.

Some of the programs provided are “Dog Patrol”, “Dora the Explorer” or “Monster Machine”. The monthly cost is 3.99 euros, including a 7-day free trial period. One of the best Alternatives to Youtube Kids.


PlayKids is an application that not only provides many hours of video, but also provides educational games and even color images. Allows you to download certain content to the device for offline viewing. You can create custom playlists so kids don’t have to choose content. Content varies by country.

Disney +

Disney + is a streaming platform that provides access to the company’s most successful content, such as the new “Star Wars” series. It also offers classic movies and series of all time.

The price in Spain is 6.99 euros per month and offers free trial weeks. It also has a 4K resolution that supports HDR and allows simultaneous streaming on multiple devices at the same time. One of the Alternatives to Youtube Kids that you should consider.


It is an ideal platform in English for children to become familiar with the language. It offers games, tests and contests for the children of the family. There are reference encyclopedias for young students. Children can access the latest or most popular videos directly from the Internet. One of the ideal Alternatives to Youtube Kids.

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Amazon FreeTime

Amazon’s platform for kids and teens provides access to videos and more than 1,000 books, audiobooks, and games. It also provides an extensive catalog of content in English. They are 9.99 euros per month and with Amazon Premium for 6.99 euros per month, and you can watch it on up to 4 devices at the same time. Ideal as one of the Alternatives to Youtube Kids.

Netflix Kids

Netflix for Kids is a specific category on the streaming platform where you can create a specific profile with the age rating of the content. Chapters offer English subtitle options. The chapters are played in order, so there is no need to select them. It includes a search engine that can accelerate the positioning of certain content.

cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is another option for YouTube Kids. From there, children can watch the most watched episodes of their favorite series. It also includes categories with games and even fun quizzes.

Each character has a dedicated downloadable app to access more content. Including the series “The amazing world of chewing gum”, “Victor” and “Valentino” or “Ben 10”.

Kids Planet

Kidsplanet is a platform launched by Vodafone, each child can create a profile to configure the content of their choice. It has the advantage of not providing additional purchases or advertisements under parental control.

One month free trial is provided and the monthly cost is 5.99 euros. It also provides the ability to view content offline.

What is the best alternative for YoutubeKids?

Due to its ease of use and rich educational content, PlayKids is the best alternative to YoutubeKids. In addition to providing diverse and comprehensive video content for kids in various countries / regions, the app also offers other alternative activities.

Children can play with their favorite characters, learn songs, and even have a variety of books and audiobooks to stimulate interest in reading. When used on a tablet or mobile phone, children can interact with the objects displayed on the screen while driving the train through all areas of the application.

Another advantage of this application is that it does not require an Internet connection to consult content. It even has a parental control feature, which allows parents to configure all of the app’s options.

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Currently, the application can be viewed on different platforms in more than 20 countries / regions. Because it is so simple and friendly, children will have no problem.

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