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Looking for Alternatives to NewPCT? Downloading files as a torrent is one of the most common ways to get new shows, movies, series, and more. For a long time the different pages have changed a lot, but unfortunately, for legal reasons, some pages cannot survive the passage of time like NewPCT.

When looking for the best torrent in Spanish, NewPCT is one of the most popular options out there. Here, you can get different shows, movies, series, music, etc. The special feature of NewPCT is that it uses Spanish in its entirety and gives us several torrent options such as Latin and Spanish.

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The best alternatives to NewPCT

Due to legal issues, NewPCT’s downfall has been devastating, but there’s no reason to believe that we won’t be able to get our favorite movies, shows, and series again. There are more options where you can download all the attractive content.

So that you can download all the content you need, we will tell you the different alternative pages that you can use. Best of all, they have a huge library of options, so you’ll find a lot of things you need.

Elite torrent

Elite Torrent – Screenshot

One of the best and most popular sites in Spanish, with a highly organized ranking system. Each movie has its own poster, so you can see what it’s about.

Most of the options are fully translated into Spanish in Spanish or Latin. If there is no dubbing, you can at least choose to download a movie with Spanish subtitles.

You can find a variety of classic movies that are impressive, and best of all, you can also choose to check out the latest movies that will be released soon. These options are always the first options you see when you enter the page. One of the great Alternatives to NewPCT.


Divx premieres
Divx Premiere – Screenshot

If you always want to know the latest movies and you want to know the details of the most anticipated films, EstrenosDivx is your ideal choice. After logging in, you will be able to see the new movie options and their quality and scores on the best movie rating website.

You can use the options to find different options for browsing the movie and series galleries on the web. The organization system allows you to search for movies by release version, genre, country, or year of release.

One of the great advantages of EstrenosDivx is that you can find a variety of options in Spanish. To reach the best users who like to watch movies in Spanish the most, this page will continue to publish movies with translations or subtitles in their favorite language. Other great Alternatives to NewPCT.


RARBG – Screenshot

Rarbg is positioned as one of the best websites to download programs, music, games, movies, series, adult videos, etc. The web constantly updates its file library and always uploads the latest files for users to use.

Apart from having a great high-quality archive, the news column also has a big Rarbg advantage. When you enter the network, you will be able to see the latest news about series and movies, so you can keep up to date with all the news that will appear in the coming months.

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1337X – Screenshot

Considering the 1337x option, this torrent site is one of the safest and we are sure that you will never go offline. Using servers in countries / regions where torrents are illegal, this is one of the best options to use day after day without worrying about loss.

After logging in, you will be able to choose between browsing different torrent options by categories such as games, shows, movies, series, or simply searching for specific content through search engines. Movies and TV shows library is much better organized than other movie libraries, so you can find the latest movies, classic movies, etc., released in movie theaters.

One of the advantages of 1337x is the speed of loading new things. It hasn’t been a few hours since you can download a new movie or TV series from this website. Without a doubt one of the best Alternatives to NewPCT.

The Pirate Bay – Screenshot

As one of the classic torrenting sites in the world, The Pirate Bay has one of the longest movies and TV series on the internet. You can also find various programs, Android apps, music, and more.

TPB is one of the most comprehensive torrent download sites on the internet. One of the advantages of TPB is that you can trust that you will always be online. In many cases, they tried to shut it down, but were unsuccessful for a long time because new domain names reappeared on the Internet.

At The Pirate Bay, you can find many torrents in English and Spanish. You just need to check and understand which ones are the fastest based on the seeds in the file. It also has an excellent system for searching multiple files in the web library.

Tips to download torrents safely

After analyzing the best Alternatives to NewPCT, we will see how to download torrents safely.


When you share P2P files, your IP address is public, which means that both your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and cybercriminals can trace your activities back to you. If your ISP realizes that you are using a torrent site, you have the right to limit bandwidth or internet speed. For hackers, they are well known for using public IP addresses to access devices. If you use a VPN, a temporary address in another location will be used to mask your real IP address. Therefore, you will remain completely anonymous when downloading torrents.


Also, a VPN can help you access Torrent sites that are blocked in your country. Just connect the server to a location that is not controlled by the torrent (like Switzerland or the Netherlands) and browse the latest torrent.

Use only legal seeds

Many popular torrent download sites contain both legal and illegal content. Since it is difficult to verify which seeds are protected by copyright, a reputable website with only legal content should be used. In this way, you avoid the legal consequences of accidentally downloading illegal files.

The following are some popular torrent download sites that you can use to download legal content:

  • Legal Torrent – Very suitable for downloading legal movies and free software.
  • Vuze – Download and access streaming media series, TED talks, music videos, and more
  • Internet Archive – A great place for movies, TV shows, books, and music.
  • Public Domain: An impressive catalog of classic films.
  • Jamendo: The world’s largest free music catalog.

Set up a trusted torrent client

To participate in P2P file sharing on the Internet, you need to download a torrent client. The torrent client is an application (or browser extension) that accesses, downloads, and manages torrent files on the device. It connects you to the torrent server and requests selected files from everyone who shares the file.

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For the best torrenting experience, you should choose a free, fast and easy torrent client. The following is a list of trusted providers you might consider:

  • qBittorrent – An open source client with media player, search engine, encryption, torrents, and options to prioritize downloaded files.
  • uTorrent– The largest free torrent client outside of China, thanks to its rich catalog of resources.
  • BitTorrent – Easy to use interface and simple setup guide.
  • Vuze – Built-in chat and forum features to create more connected torrent communities.
  • Deluge – Various add-ons can provide a personalized experience.

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