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Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the best-selling products on Amazon today and one of the most popular technology devices during lockdown from the pandemic. Let’s first look at its use and function. It is a streaming multimedia content player that connects to our television through the HDMI input, so that we can much more from our television.

It also brings a command through which we can search or play any movie, series or sports and news, all of them through voice control. It brings the possibility of enjoying the following platforms: Netflix, DAZN, Movistar +, Disney +, Apple TV, and of course Prime Video. Its market launch has led to the entry into the market of other devices, so we will see alternative products to Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Another feature of this multimedia device is the ability to stream millions of songs through different services such as Amazon Music or Spotify. With this command, we can request the playback of any song through voice control. One of its main advantages is that it can be used at a friend’s house, in a hotel or on any HD television with available Wi-Fi connection.

The 7 best alternatives to Fire Stick TV

We have prepared for you an in-depth review of the 7 of the best alternatives to Fire Tv Stick.


Obviously, Chromecast is Amazon’s main competitor because it allows you to use the TV as a receiver of content directly from your smartphone or via desktop computer. Chromecast is a small device connected to the HDMI port of the TV, which gives you the opportunity to transmit videos, photos and images on the phone in the best quality in 4K.

In terms of price, Chromecast is really cheap. Over time, several versions have been developed, all of these will allow you to carry out this process of sending information. Google Chromecast 3 has tons of features that allow you to use a smartphone like never before. First, the Internet giant has all the necessary licenses to be able to enjoy paid content.

In this way, you can play any movie or television series from Netflix, MiTele, Disney + and other content services from your mobile as needed. On the other hand, its ease of use and large number of functions make it a product that you cannot miss.

Apple tv

Apple has always positioned itself as one of the most popular firms in the industry and has its own surprising propositions in terms of smart TVs. Apple TV goes far beyond simple video players, since it has an operating system called tvOS, you can use it to enjoy many multimedia options.

There are thousands of apps designed specifically for the device in its app store, including games, tools, and content channels. As if that were not enough, Apple TV offers a series of sensors that work well in video games, which also makes it a very effective gaming machine.

As for Bluetooth, you can transfer and send files through your phone to host them in the device memory. It has a storage system that cannot be ignored, so hosting movies from there is a breeze. Of course, it has platforms like YouTube, Netflix or Hulu.

Xiaomi Mi Box S

Xiami mi Box S is one of the best alternatives to the Fire Tv Stick, because it allows you to turn your TV into a complete SmartTV with applications, exclusive channels and Stores, very similar to Apple TV. However, their proposal is based on Google’s Android operating system.

In this sense, Xiami Mi Box S was developed to run Android applications, but it is designed specifically for the device. If you want to watch YouTube or Netflix videos, there are several channels. In fact, in the latest version they prepared an exclusive button on the device control, which will take you directly to the streaming platform. And, if you’re still not satisfied, it will load up the Google Assistant to give you what you’re looking for.


This platform has its own operating system with unlimited functions and can be tested on our TV. In addition to giving us the opportunity to enjoy content on mobile devices, we can also use the most popular content streaming applications (including Netflix) to achieve this.

We can even download social networks and use them on a full screen TV. Its operation is very similar to that of the first product of the alternatives to Fire TV Stick, Chromecast.

EZCast 2

One of the similar devices to Chromecast is EZCast. The technology it uses is similar to that used by Google and is compatible with a variety of applications. But it is not only compatible with Google technology, it is more developed going further.

It supports Full HD video and can use a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network to connect to faster video services. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices, which makes it a perfect and very inexpensive multi-device solution.

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The wireless HDMI adapter can use Miracast or AirPlay to project your phone, tablet, and computer on a TV or projector. It is a perfect alternative to Chromecast. You can watch Netflix, HBO or Prime Video on your TV and control it through your phone.

With Miracast technology, you can play Android mobile screen on TV, so when video is played on phone, it will play on your living room screen. For iPhone or iPad, users can use AirPlay to use this EZCast 2 to project mobile screen on TV. It can also be used to project computer screens to projectors or other presentations simply and inexpensively.

Roku Streaming Stick

This device allows us to enjoy excellent quality on the screen, we can watch sports games, news, play music, and it is also compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control, and allows us to access platforms such as Netflix or YouTube.

The Roku Streaming Stick is a USB storage device, which is also connected to the HDMI port of the TV, but it does not have all the functions that may be available in the recommendations above. There are different versions of this product, and the price depends on its characteristics, but it usually exceeds 40 euros.

It has a special operating system, although its elements are not as functional as the previous proposal, so you only need to connect to the Wi-Fi network and wait for the connection to start. From there, the internal browser will act as a streamer to browse all the web pages you can imagine.

For example, it can also be used with Netflix, social media (like Facebook or Instagram), or news sites (like CNN and Fox News). However, depending on your needs and price, it is the cheapest and most readily available on the entire list.

YEHUA Miracast

To end the list, we will recommend Yehua Miracast. One of the excellent alternatives to the Fire TV Stick. It has several functions to maximize its potential. First of all, it is compatible with smart TVs, monitors, and Mac models.

For this, in addition to being compatible with AirPlay, its Full HD reproduction quality has also been increased, so you can use any compatible Apple device to send any content from the screen to the television or screen you want.

The adapter Yehua Mirascreen 4K* It is a small “dongle” that connects to an HDMI port on the television and allows you to broadcast everything you see on your mobile on the television via WiFi. In addition, this adapter is compatible with 4K video.

East Mirascreen 4K it’s much cheaper than Amazon’s Chromecast, Apple TV, or Fire TV Stick. It only costs € 24.99 on Amazon And right now there is an offer that adds a 5% discount at the end of the purchase.

What is the Fire TV Stick and what is it for?

Fire stick tv It is one of the best-selling products on Amazon, because its features and price can be very useful at home. Next, we will analyze the device, its operation, its main advantages and the current market price.

Fire TV Stick turns your TV into a smart TV. It is basically a 4K resolution capable streaming media player and can be connected to a TV via HDMI. Connect the Amazon Fire TV Stick to an HD TV and start streaming content in minutes.

Fire TV Stick Operation

With the Alexa voice assistant, you just need to press a button and ask it to search for your favorite movies and series, as well as sports and live news. You can enjoy the main platforms on the market, such as Netflix, DAZN, Movistar +, Disney +, Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video in a single device.

You can stream millions of songs and use the new Alexa voice controls to request songs, artists, or playlists, or control playback on services like Amazon Music, Spotify, or TuneIn.

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick can be used with any HD TV, so you can use it at a friend’s house or on the go. You can connect and use it anywhere, just with a Wi-Fi connection.

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