Alternatives to EliteGol 2021 – Top 10 to watch football

Alternatives to EliteGol? If you are a fan of soccer or other sporting events, you may have heard of the famous soccer streaming site EliteGol. This page is a streaming platform that allows you to watch football matches on online streaming media.

In this guide, we provide the best alternative to EliteGol, in this way, if it fails you or turns it off, you will have multiple options to watch the matches of your favorite soccer team.

What about EliteGol?

EliteGol is one of the most famous pages to watch football matches, but that does not mean that it is free of problems. On the contrary, it is fraught with problems for any party. For this reason, some web pages have been created, as EliteGol alternatives as a solution to these problems, you can see all the matches of The league.

The best alternatives to EliteGol

Fortunately, this is not the only one who watches your favorite sporting events. There are several alternatives to EliteGol TV on the Internet. The normal operation of these websites depends on your Internet speed and the corresponding public operating permits. Many of them have already faced legal problems and closed it. Others changed their fields and some disappeared forever.

As it becomes increasingly difficult to afford to participate in La Liga or other sporting events, portals like EliteGol TV have become very indispensable. Therefore, it is best to notify in advance and let us know some alternatives to EliteGol TV.

Without further ado, we will see the best alternative to EliteGol so that you can watch all the football matches you want.

LIVE TV – Screenshot

Like many other websites, its content is not only focused on football, but if you decide to broadcast live on this website, you can follow all football matches in real time. Not only football, but also tennis, basketball or other live sports programs. Also, there are few ads on this site, so it will be more convenient.

Pirlo TV

Pirlo TV – Screenshot

Even before EliteGol was closed, Pirlo TV was one of the most famous websites to watch football matches on the internet for free. After the first dismissal, its number of users has been growing day by day. In addition, the catalog is now more extensive. You can watch basketball matches, tennis, big round bike matches, boxing matches, etc. I must admit that I use it a lot, and in most cases they use good quality links without breaking the connection.

Red card

RedCard – Screenshot

The natural successor product of Roja Directa is also very powerful, because it provides very interesting content, so you will not miss any game. On this website, you can watch games online for free without downloading any files, and if a link doesn’t work, it allows you to watch the same game through many different links.

Here you can see alternatives to Roja Directa.


MamaHD – Screenshot

MamaHD is another best alternative to Rojadirecta. Regardless of the details, I am following the NBA season and the play-offs on this website. These links are excellent in picture and sound and of high quality. Here you can play soccer, tennis, NFL, boxing, baseball, rugby, cycling, etc. in all the leagues in the world. In fact, if your favorite American sports are NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAAC, etc., then this is a perfect website.

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BatmanStream – Screenshot

The Batman Stream website is one of the great alternatives to EliteGol and one of the best sports streaming sites to watch multiple games from different soccer leagues. On this page, you can also find soccer, national football, basketball, baseball, rugby, hockey, etc.


Stream2Watch – Screenshot

This is one of the most prestigious streaming platforms in the world, making it automatically one of the good alternatives to EliteGol TV. Their broadcasts are almost exclusive, they have high definition video and audio.

Additionally, Stream2Watch also has a search engine that allows you to find any sporting event that is being broadcast live.

ESPN – Screenshot

The most famous channel in the world of sports, it turns out, has an online version that provides free transmission of the most important sporting events in football, baseball, basketball, tennis, and MotoGP.

Keep in mind that these options will never provide the wide range of billboards that subscription sites can have; For fans, free platforms are a good option, but they always run the risk of being blocked or restricted.

The house of the tikitaka

Update: Not working

The advantage offered by the site “La casa del tikitaka” is that all its content can be found in Spanish, and it offers a variety of games that are completely free and do not require registration.

In addition, you can also practice other sports that interest you, such as cycling or tennis. The downside is that since we can find a lot of intrusive ads, you have no choice but to use an ad blocker.


If EliteGol is closed or inactive, this is a good option. It is available in multiple languages, including Spanish. It also offers broadcasts of other sports such as baseball and tennis. Using an ad blocker is also recommended as some ads are not suitable for minors.


Without a doubt, one of the best and most recommended options. It broadcasts football matches of different leagues in high definition. Whether EliteGol is off or off, users can safely go to this page because they will find everything they need.

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