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Diskokosmiko is a famous website where thousands of users can upload or download files quickly and easily. When it was prosecuted by international authorities a few months ago, it stopped working. Its completion appears to be final.

Therefore, we hope to find some good alternatives for Diskokosmiko, which may be useful to perform these tasks. Almost all of them have free versions, although some versions have added paid to improve their functionalities.

What are these websites for? As in, we intend to upload our content to the cloud so that others can download it. It doesn’t matter if it is a book or a series, it is best to download them without registration.

If for any reason you want to save or download files in this type of portal, and diskokosmiko does not work, you must use one of the other options that we will mention.

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Alternatives to Diskokosmiko for online download


This application is similar to Diskokosmiko and is perfect for those who want to download audiovisual products such as movies or series, because thousands of people upload them to their computers.

This page provides a list of the most searched files, so you will find some files that you cannot imagine more than once. If you can’t find it, you can browse the organization’s catalog until you see the cover. There is also a job description.


Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular sites when we think of cloud storage. Mediafire is the first company to offer us these solutions without physical resources.

The main reason for recommending it is that it uses advanced security systems to prevent files containing viruses. Of course, it is completely free. With this system, you will be able to share download links without worrying about infecting anyone else.

Alternatives to DixMax


Do you remember Megaupload, one of the pioneers who invited us to host files in the cloud without paying? After years of legal wrangling, the founder founded Mega, which is something of a successor, has made improvements in some respects in an attempt to regain lost ground.

On this website we can find a large number of movies, series and images, which are not normally found in other portals.

It is well known among users who usually use these portals that it not only has a free version, but also a premium version, which overcomes the limitations of size or speed. One of the best Alternatives to Diskokosmiko.


When a kosmiko disk fails, the first platform to consider is, because it allows us to quickly upload any type of file without wasting time.

What files can you save? Any file, from photos to videos, text documents or presentations. They will always be open to the public.

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Another advantage of this particular page is the user interface, which is one of the most beautiful applications, beautiful and easy to integrate with internal search engines that simplify the process. However, you have to use Chrome or a browser to translate it and understand anything.


Frankly speaking, if you want to download a Latin movie, there is no better option. Regarding the monitoring of this content, we are talking about one of the most complete sites on the Internet.

There are four main categories: premiere, Latin, Spanish, and series. With its multiple filters, you can conduct a personalized search under their guidance.

The refresh rate of the file is amazing, as is the image quality of the movie, usually at least 1080p. There are even some movies in 4K. One of the great Alternatives to Diskokosmiko.

Cuevana 2

The original version of Cuevana doesn’t require much introduction or replacement. We mean famous places where we can see old movies and movie premieres.

However, there are also surprising differences from the first batch of products, such as an improved user interface in almost every aspect.

The titles they collected are not as up to date as the other pages mentioned here, but the image and video quality is one of the best in this segment. Also, you can choose whether you want to download the file or just view it online without wasting any time.

Repelis Plus

Not only can you find movies and TV series on this platform, you can also find an extensive anime catalog, so if you are interested, you should give priority.

Because the title is clear and easy to understand, the content is ranked very well, while the ads are not annoying.


The name already tells us what it should show us: the western and eastern series. Compared to other interfaces, the user interface is a bit poor, so it is useful to consider only the title.

There is a wide variety of content, from anime without subtitles to recently released movies in Latin and Spanish. It’s about trying your luck.


Although initially focused on offering movies, it has now become an inevitable reference for fans of the series. It contains almost all the important tips and updates, and several episodes are added every week. The interface is good too, very intuitive for beginners.

Best options for Diskokosmiko

Since we have collected these sites, we can enjoy a lot of interesting content, such as movies or series, to download or play immediately.

However, if you are inexperienced with one of them, you may want to start with the best alternative to Diskokosmiko. Based on our observations and analysis, we believe that Mega stands out in this regard.

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It is not limited to movies and TV series, but you can also find other file formats, with advanced versions that can optimize time, and are recognized worldwide.

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