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Although more and more users are familiar with this popular free online soccer platform, many choose to look for other RojaDirecta alternatives in case it is completely closed.

When a site is closed to watch football online, another will be created immediately. RojaDirecta is blocked by the constant complaints from LaLiga because the site is responsible for broadcasting soccer matches illegally. Therefore, we have an extensive list of alternatives to RojaDirecta.

In 2017 it is known that the administrators of RojaDirecta were forced to close all the domains, and it seemed that it was not enough, they had to pay compensation to Movistar. Currently RojaDirecta is closed, or everyone believes it.

This website is very popular in Spain, although its domain name is known to be available in some parts of the world, it will soon be blocked.

What is Rojadirecta?

Rojadirecta is a website that provides links to streaming sports broadcasts from all over the world.

Users can select event broadcasts with different broadcast qualities and languages ​​from the list of event broadcasts. In this case, even if the rights are in the hands of pay platforms or pay TV channels, many streams can be viewed for free.

The site is not broadcast, although it does provide links to third-party sites where you can watch football matches broadcast. These pages use P2PTV technology so that users can connect directly to another user broadcasting the event without going through a central server.

Rojadirecta was founded in 2015 by Igor Seoane Miñán, a young Galician who put the Spanish audiovisual industry under control and balance.

In 2007, he had the first legal dispute with Audiovisual Sport, which accused him of infringing intellectual property rights. In 2011, the US Department of Justice closed the domain name, but just a year later, the page became active again.

In 2017, a Movistar + lawsuit resulted in a ruling by the First Commercial Court of A Coruña, which ordered the closure of all Rojadirecta domains and prohibited the company from providing links to content with protected intellectual property rights.

The 10 best Rojadirecta alternatives

There are many RojaDirecta alternatives, and the best ones listed below are currently available in Spain and South America. The best RojaDirecta alternatives include:


Redcard – Screenshot

As you can imagine, this platform is one of the RojaDirecta alternatives, in fact, it is considered the heir to the aforementioned website, since Tarjetarojaonline is actually one of the domains created by the administrator of RojaDirecta. Its interface is very similar to RojaDirecta. Its popularity is growing significantly, so its closure in the future will not surprise users.


MamaHD – Screenshot

Of course, when you visit this website, your first impression is that it contains a lot of content, which is actually redundant. MamaHD was created to meet the needs of all sports-loving users, because in addition to providing current soccer matches, the site is also responsible for streaming tennis, basketball, and more. Despite its rich content, it is very easy to use and, most importantly, its advertising content is almost nil.

FutbolOnline – Screenshot

FutbolOnline.TV is considered one of the best RojaDirecta alternatives. If you are looking for a website that allows you to enjoy the best games on TV as well as being free, then FutbolOnline.TV is undoubtedly the best option.

The site offers quality content every weekend. Highly recommended for sports lovers. No need to register, just enter the portal and voila, a list of all the games that are being played will appear in a few seconds. Users can choose from categories to watch soccer online.

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PirloTV – Screenshot

Another noteworthy web portal on this list is PirloTV, on this website you can not only see one, not two, but also three or more games, yes! With PirloTV you will have more connections because it offers more than 20 channels, all very suitable for users to enjoy.

However, since there are no free things, like many pages that provide free content, Pirlo.TV provides advertising content, but this is not too much, so it will not interrupt your experience, you just have to wait for the ad to finish voila voila, it can enjoy that your favorites will be combined anytime, anywhere. One of the best RojaDirecta alternatives.

The house of Tiki Taka


The good thing about La casa del Tiki Taka is that from the main menu we can access the main sports channels on pay TV. Therefore, we can watch any football match without cuts knowing the match schedule and the channel with the television broadcasting rights. It also has a daily schedule of featured activities.


Intergoles – Screenshot

The best sports content is organized by The special thing about this website is that it not only provides links to guide users to free football matches, but also provides paid links, but users should not spend a penny on this.

The interface of is very simple, but this does not mean that the site is no longer efficient. After logging in, the user can see the complete list of matches to be broadcast, and on the one hand, there are those matches that have received many visits.

But that’s not all, because this website also provides links to other pages, such as Pirlo.TV. If you think that this website only offers football games, you are wrong because it also has events like the NBA.

LiveTV – Screenshot

Despite its cluttered and confusing interface, Live TV is the best option today. We find links related to almost every sporting event in the world, you just need a decent internet connection to watch streaming broadcasts without interference. It also has other attractions, such as an upcoming calendar or a guide that explains what users should do when they watch a video stream.


EliteGol Alternatives RojaDirecta
EliteGol – Screenshot

Another RojaDirecta replacement product worth mentioning is EliteGol. The website offers the best soccer games. Its relationship with RojaDirecta is notorious because once it is entered, it will show an advertisement containing the scheduled events of “RojaDirecta”.

The network shows the time of transmission, the place where the game takes place, the teams that are located and the language. In addition, it also offers other sports categories. Another highlight of the network is its search tool, which is very fast.


RedStream – Screenshot

A very simple website, but for this reason it is still a favorite of many people. RedStream has all the information football fans need. By typing, you can watch a huge number of games, from soccer to tennis.

The website has very little publicity, so it will not cause any inconvenience when using it. However, what can be considered a disadvantage is that to enjoy, you need to register. Many users do not like the process because their data can be manipulated by third parties and because it is considered an illegal website.


Arenavision – Screenshot

Arenavision was withdrawn several times. In some places it may not work. Visit under his domain It can be seen that it is feasible to use a proxy server. This site has been displaying sports content for a long time. Arenavision has a quality interface and an excellent design. It is very easy to go through the whole process, although it has been released recently. Your broadcast is done in an incredible format, which optimizes the user experience.

To end this article on RojaDirecta alternatives …

Sports, especially soccer, are a great attraction for thousands of people around the world. This is the reason for the proliferation of such online interfaces. It should be noted that not all pages are not 100% secure, so effective and high-quality antivirus software should be used. On the other hand, we warn from here that we are totally opposed to certain piracy on the Internet.

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