▷ Google will include free booking links for hotels

Google now allows hotels and booking platforms to be listed for free in its dedicated travel section.

Organic links for hotels on Google travel

Google announces that hotels can now be listed for free in the sections dedicated to reservations on Google. Users access it through google.com/travel, when they make a request that contains the keyword hotel on Google or a search that expresses the desire to reserve a room or accommodation.

Until now, all hotels, or intermediaries, such as reservation platforms, paid to be visible through the product Hotel Ads by Google. This novelty will therefore allow more hotels to be visible on Google and will strengthen competition between intermediaries. Hotels will be able to adjust their advertising budgets by offering certain reservations without a special promotion.

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Obviously, Google continues to serve ads to hotels and travel booking platforms. Paid links are shown before organic links, as in the classic Google engine. Sometimes the user has to click a button to display the list of all booking platforms.

How to add a free hotel on Google travel

Properties using the Hotel Pricing API or Hotel Ads can now post these new organic links to Google – go to Google Hotel Center. The performance of your free links can be seen here.

If you want to list your hotel:

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Google specifies that all hotels and travel agencies can become partners. The engine also indicates that in the coming months hotel onboarding will be facilitated and tools will be developed to facilitate price and availability management.

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