Alternatives to BlaBlaCar – to travel at a good price

Are you looking for alternatives to BlaBalaCar ??? So far, most of us have tried BlaBlaCar. If you are tired of using the same application or have little experience, then it is best to know all the alternatives that we will show you in this article, many of them.

BlaBlaCar has more than ten years of operating history and is the most famous platform for low cost travel. Among them, you can find drivers who have the same destination as yours and are looking for passengers to share the price of gasoline.

Leading this revolution in the field of transportation made the market his market, and although it did not, many people began to complain about his monopoly performance. And the current price has risen so much that when you rent a car to travel you will have to pay a commission of 3 euros. It seems weird, but if you count thousands of trips.

Maybe your anecdote with BlaBlaCar is good, or you have come across something catastrophic. Maybe you are tired of the application or even its interface. In this case, we believe that the more options you have, the greater your ability to choose. And, as we want you to have great power, we offer you 5 alternatives to BlaBlaCar.

This Spanish company was founded in 2006, the same year as BlaBlaCar, and is considered an excellent option. It has more than a million active users, a figure lower than that of French companies. As a result, the number of trips is also reduced: on the day you want to travel, you can find two or three trips here. At first it had no commission, but currently it is only one euro.

In Amovens, in addition to the shared car, you can also rent vehicles between individuals. In other words, people who do not intend to use the car for a certain period of time will be able to rent a car on the page at an affordable price.

The interface is practical and easy to use. If you visit a specific area to share a car, you can include the departure and arrival points, date, time and of course the price. If you are looking to travel, the options will be displayed. If you are a newbie and want to create a profile, you only need to complete very simple fields, such as a music or speaking hobby.

In addition, it has a rating bar where you can give your opinion about the driver or the rental car. This is very beneficial for everyone who uses the application, because this way, they will never blindly sign a service contract.

Amovens is perhaps the best of the alternatives to BlaBlaCar.

With this platform, you can save 100% of your trip. He is also of Spanish descent, which allows him to establish a connection between the passenger and the driver without any commission. You only pay the fees charged by the driver of your choice.

Also, everyone who is worried about a virus stealing card data will find its ransom method on this page. Since payment is made in cash, it is not necessary to enter credit cards. Pay manually, as you do in your life.

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Its operation is very similar to that of Amovens. If you are a driver, you must address your target audience. If you are a passenger, simply enter the destination you want to go to and a bar will be displayed with all the available options. After that, you just need to reserve a place and wait for a response.

The only problem with the company is that they do not provide any type of accident insurance, and all people traveling with strangers will likely want to insure themselves for this trip.

With this application, you can rent a private car in exchange for daily rates. The price varies depending on the number of kilometers you have to travel. For example, if you go on vacation, you can pay 1,000 kilometers; if you go shopping or want to go to a specific place, you can set the limit to 300. It all depends on you and your needs.

This platform has many advantages. Its Drivy Open technology allows you to open the vehicle from your phone, and you can also complete all the procedures on it. Therefore, it is not necessary for you and the landlord to meet to reach an agreement. Makes you want to use it, right? It also includes Allianz Insurance, although it usually covers the minimum. The price will vary depending on the number of kilometers you travel.

This application comes from the famous “Waze”, which is the main competitor of Google Maps. Its main objective is to fill all vacant seats during the trip to improve the environment. There are enough reasons to use it today.

The novelty of this platform is that you can order passengers through mutual friends, ratings and even if they have traveled together before. In addition, if you do not trust traveling with strangers, all accounts will be connected to social networks and you will have their phone numbers, so there will be no problems. And in this case, users who do not follow the rules will be blocked. Of the Alternatives to BlaBlaCar most valued by users.

Like Drivy and SocialCar, in addition to car sharing, you can also rent a car or rent a car. In this application, you can find many caravans and motorhomes. In addition, it also allows you to hand over the car to the company so that they can keep, protect and manage the lease documents from start to finish. You only have to worry about receiving payments on the first day of the week. What a luxury, other great Alternatives to BlaBlaCar.

In turn, the platform provides comprehensive insurance throughout the day and provides assistance. And, if you think that all these facilities will lead to a rent increase, you are wrong, it is completely affordable for customers, and 80% of the profits go to the owner.

It also offers vehicle marketing services. For this reason, the competent authority has raised a series of requirements that must be met in order to make your car available to other passengers: provide a technical sheet of the vehicle, make sure that taxes are paid correctly and prove that your driving license is valid. . Come on, that’s not bad.

The matter did not end there. SocialCar includes a comments section where you can discuss (or find out) the condition of the car, its cleanliness and the punctuality or friendliness of the driver. If your dream is a truck or an RV, this is the app for you.

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You can use Google Pay to pay, so the process is straightforward. Also, the prices are acceptable to everyone because they can be used to pay for gasoline.

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