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In this article, we will help you find free or paid online English courses. We will choose the best online English course for you, so you only have to choose from a few. You can find the description of each one and what the price is if you pay.

Learn English online for free and paid

If you are not one of the people who still wants to learn English all day, online English courses are a good solution. You can freely organize your schedule, leave it at home for a few hours without knowing what to do, if you use a computer for business trips you will not miss a day of class.

Of course, as I always say, you have to commit to yourself and take some time. Otherwise you will not learn English and if you pay for the course you will waste your money. If you are one of those people who like to use books to complement traditional English learning, I recommend another article: The best books to learn English.

In this list that we have prepared for you, you will find the best online English courses, which are classified according to whether they are free or paid:

Free online English courses


They are not English courses. These are training courses to learn English through audiovisuals. With the help of thousands of video stories that you create, you can train your ears to understand the language naturally. One of the advantages of this platform is that you can see subtitles in Spanish and English, and you can even click on each word, with a built-in dictionary through which you can understand the meaning and hear the pronunciation.

You will learn English by listening like a child. It is not necessary to learn, it is not necessary to attend classes, it can be 100% effective. When we were very young in school, teachers in the summer would send us to read books to enrich our vocabulary. The same goes for listening. The more time you spend, the stronger your comprehension skills will be and therefore the better your ability to express yourself in English.

In our opinion, Brainlang is like watching an English movie on Netflix, but the story is applicable at all levels and provides many tools that can help you. You can listen in the car or while exercising. Your brain will absorb language without being aware of it.

With the free version, you can take 3 trainings (21 video stories) to test your English learning system.


It is one of the best online applications to learn English. It is based on artificial intelligence to adapt to the development and needs of students. It was created by some Spanish entrepreneurs, and its advantage is that it can customize content to help you achieve your goals.

You can use your computer, mobile device or tablet to access Lingualia, and this feature is available on IOS and Android.

When you first enter the platform, it will ask you how many hours you want to practice each day, and you can adjust the course according to your pace. It applies to levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. It consists of courses, challenges and activities, so that you can progress in the development of the language.


As an online learning method for social media, it focuses on language learning. Users are classified as “students” or “teachers”. To register on italki, you need an email address. If you want to arrange the class time, you need to pay

Online teachers. Teachers go through a selection process, which includes verification of their identity and teaching credentials.

Once teachers complete the course, they will receive feedback and grades from italki students. Most of the courses are conducted via Skype.

Italki also has a social feature where you can exchange languages ​​for free. If you have any questions, you can ask questions in the community and all questions will be resolved there.


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On a fairly comprehensive website, multiple languages ​​can be used, not just English. Through the card system, learning is simple and fun. The application has a large number of vocabularies and we can collaborate by adding our own vocabularies. It is applicable to the following languages: English, German, Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish.

It has a very cool feature, that is, with the help of MosaDiscovery, you can save words or expressions found on other web pages in Mosalingua. In this way, you can easily learn and remember the content.

Thanks for using the button below, you can use it free for 15 days to test the application and verify the MosaLearning method. If you want to continue using the paid version in the future, you only need 5 euros per month.

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It is available in multiple languages. You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to identify yourself, or you can perform the traditional registration by email. In each unit you will learn vocabulary and build simple sentences, and you will be able to listen to the pronunciation at any time. The exercises are always related to the vocabulary dealt with in the unit. To “skip” this level, you will have to take a test in which you can only make three mistakes through translation and recognition exercises.


This is a virtual community with more than 20 million users. It is currently one of the most complete websites. It has a free part and a paid part. In the free section, we can access 20 learning topics. In the advanced section, we have access to the complete content (multimedia, you can share your achievements in the Busuu and Facebook community). You can correct the exercises of other users who are learning your mother tongue.

Available languages ​​are: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, German, and Polish. This is an application for adults and children.


The foundation of Memrise is learning English through the native language of Anglo-Saxon English. Instead of using intensive methods, set a limit of 44 new words per hour using visual acuity games or quickly associating ideas with images, thus relying on the user’s storage capacity. It has no initial cost, in addition, its creator confirms that the different courses or functions of the application are free. However, it has integrated purchase products, with prices ranging from 63 cents to 47.01 euros.

If you want to learn faster, you can choose to hire a native teacher, which will allow you to practice more effectively. We will find free English material at the basic level. It is not an ideal way to learn grammar, but it is a great option for increasing vocabulary in various languages.


This course is very suitable for people who need to improve their language skills because it is very easy to use and provides students with a structured guide. It can help them get rid of fear. It has four levels of difficulty, more than 600 courses, 7,000 words, and their meaning, pronunciation, and use. A very complete application, because it has a part to practice listening and speaking English.

Non-free online courses


You can expand your knowledge of multiple languages; German, English, Italian, Indonesian, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish or Polish. It allows you to expand your vocabulary (more than three thousand words on different topics are defined through images and phrases) and it has a voice recognition system to improve your pronunciation.

Prices range from 9.95 euros per month (if you only rent for one month) to 4.95 per month (if you commit to 12 months)

Bay & By

In this case, I am focusing on a specific course. They will take a placement test and of course all online operations will be adjusted according to their level. In other words, if they see that you omitted simple questions, they will not improve, and if you do them well, they will ask you more difficult questions. They adjust the questions they ask you until they determine your level.

In the course, they will evaluate you online through exercises, you must do “homework” and they will also publish your study materials on the virtual campus. If necessary, you can hire additional services for private conversation courses. Throughout the course, they give you free oral lessons for you to try.

The course lasts two months and the price is 232 euros

Net Languages

Net Languages ​​is an English course supported by International House, which is an organization of language schools, almost all over the world. You can choose from several levels, starting with courses for beginners. They have video and sound files to make your learning more complete.

Their prices vary, from 50 Euros (6 months, basic level) to 450 Euros (12-month course, advanced level).


In this course, they make English easy to understand, how easy it is to speak a language that is not ours. They are based on the fact that English grammar is easier than Spanish. This course explains the basics of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. More than 5 hours of video, containing explanations of all the main points.

You will get a printable list of the most important vocabulary, and you will also be provided with a copy of the “Basic English” book, which contains exercises to practice what you have learned, texts to practice reading and two free e-books. : “The” book in verb mode “and the” vocabulary and basic expressions “allow you to continue learning. Without a doubt, if you want to start using English, it is highly recommended that you use online courses.

Self Access

Online English courses, all instructions are given in English, so it is not suitable for all students. Some parts of the course are provided for free, so you can give it a try. There are 475 English lessons between each level, 175 essays and letters to practice, and 240 lessons for you to practice listening. It has high-quality audio files, so you can hear the correct pronunciation of phrases and words well. These are in English, so to use this online site, you must know how to defend yourself in that language.

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These are the best online English courses that we think are free and paid. Fortunately, there are many web pages and applications that can be learned through the Internet. We list the apps and websites that we think are the best. If you think you are not on this list, please leave us a message. By the way, do you like this article? If you like it, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google Plus.

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