▷ What are the different types of sports bets?

Maybe you are new to sports betting and you are a little lost in the middle of all the betting. Rest assured that our site, and more particularly this article, are for answering questions.

And then it must be said that in most bookmakers, it is not uncommon to find more than 70 different types of bets for the same event. So even if it is exciting, at first it is normal to be a little lost.

The purpose of this article is not to introduce them all. It doesn’t really matter and it can quickly get boring. It is better to explain which are the most common, which you will come across frequently. For which you are going to bet. Some are good for gambling and some are less.

Above all, many are not easy to understand at first glance. Let’s start with the most popular and well-known type of bet of all.

The most popular: The 1X2 simple bet

It is the most famous and widespread bet in all team sports (especially soccer).

Betting on 1 is betting on the victory of the home team, the X means that the match will end in a draw. Whereas if you bet on 2 it means that you expect the victory of the visiting team.

This is 1X2, it is the most classic way of betting and the easiest to understand.

As this is by far the most popular type of bet among bettors, the odds are on average higher than for other types of bets. The rate of return for players is said to be higher for 1N2 bets than for other types of sports bets.

The 1/2 bet

This is a variant of the 1X2 bet, but with only 2 possible outcomes (1 and 2). This type exists in sports where there is no draw, for example in tennis, but not only.

This type of bet also exists for sports in which there may be a tie.

For example, in soccer cup matches, this bet will normally be called “which team will qualify”. The following example shows the dimensions in 1X2 and then the dimensions without the null result.

Another example of soccer championship matches, you can also find 1/2 bets. There it is different from a cup since if there is a tie at the end of regulation time, the match ends with this result.

When there are only options 1 and 2 available, it means that your bet will be refunded if there is a tie. In this case, the 1/2 bet is actually a no-tie bet (zero if refunded) which will be discussed in more detail in # 10.

It is a more interesting type of bet than the 1X2 bet. Of course, the odds are lower, but with only 2 possible outcomes, you greatly limit the risk of loss.


The combo bet

The principle of the combination (or multiple) bet is simple. It is about associating several bets to increase the potential winnings of a bet. Clearly, as in the example below, we choose to play multiple bets.

Of course, we multiply the probabilities between them, in the previous example we get a total probability of 3.92. A much higher probability than if we had played every game.

Clearly, if you bet 10 euros on this phone and if all your bets are winners, you win 39.20 euros.

But mobile phones are a risky technique and you need to follow certain tips to be successful. Especially since the more matches you add to your phone, the more your odds increase.

When betting on a phone, be careful not to add too many matches. In general, when you are starting out, favor single bets that will make you win more often.

More or less goals – over / under

The objective here is to evaluate whether one or both participants will score more or less than a limit set by the bookmaker.

In this example we see that several stages are possible and are expressed with decimals. In fact, The goal of setting a level above / below 2.5 is to leave only two possible outcomes for the bettor. :

  • – Or you think that the teams will score 3 goals or more, in this case you will make the decision of “more than 2.5 goals”.
  • – Or you think it will be 2 goals or less and in this case you will bet on “minus 2.5”.

This type of bet can be interesting to make after an analysis of the statistics of each of the participants in the match.

However, bookmakers tend to offer lower odds for these types of bets. However, it is important to take into account this famous rate of return for players to know if our bet can be profitable or not.

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The handicap bet

The principle of margin betting is to determine by how many points or goals a team will win.

In this example you will find the first bet that consists of knowing if the Real Madrid team will win by more or less goals difference over their rival. The same in the next bet, but this time with goals difference.

Bookmakers often call it handicap betting.

This handicap bet has more advantages when the match seems lopsided. In fact, the difference in points (or goals) allows you to offer more balanced odds and, depending on the choices you make, more profitable.

If you are looking for the bookmaker with the highest football odds.


Rest bets

It is possible to bet on a result at half time of a match. In the same way, all the bets that we have seen previously can also be related to half time.

For example, it is possible to bet on more or less than 1.5 goals at half time of a soccer match. This multiplies the chances of finding a bet that may correspond to what we have analyzed.

The bet on the break / end of the match

Betting at half time / end of match allows you to bet on both the winning team at half time and the winning team at the end of the match. Which gives you nine possible options:

These types of bets should be avoided when you are a beginner.

If you still decide to bet on this type of bet, you will have to analyze the match very carefully. You absolutely must avoid falling into the trap of the half time / match end bet.

The exact result bet

This type of betting consists of betting on the exact score of a match.

There are several variations of these score bets, the most classic being betting on the score at the end of the match. You will also have the opportunity to bet on the exact scores at half time.

Similarly, some bookmakers offer to play several exact scores together. As in the following example taken from the Betclic site.

This is also the safest way to play exact bets. Otherwise, in normal times, these are bets to be avoided, because they are too random.

Double chance bets

In soccer, the classic 1, X, 2 odds give you 3 possible outcomes. The double chance bet consists of betting on two outcomes at the same time.

Clearly, there will only be three possible double chances, either the 1X or 12 or X2 pick.

Of course, since this bet is much less risky, the odds are also much lower. The problem is that in sports betting it is better to avoid betting with too small odds.

In fact, since they are at too low a level, the odds on double-chance bets do not allow you to make your bets profitable. That’s why instead of double-chance betting, we recommend the refunded bet.

The bet refunded in the event of a tie (tie without bet)

Today, you can find some refunded bets at almost every bookmaker.

The most common form of these hedge bets is what is called a “No Bet Draw” (DNB), which we discussed earlier. The “no bet tie” means that your bet will be refunded if there is a tie.

In this case, the draw will cover your main bet.

Of course, it is even possible that this cover is in another option than the giveaway. For example, the following bet is quite possible: a win for team 1 and a refunded bet if team 2 wins.

In short, all combinations are possible to configure covers. That is, bets that refunds your bet. This is clearly a much better solution than double chance bets, as the odds offered are much higher.

And it is a much safer option than the simple bet, since it considerably limits the risk of loss. If your bookmaker doesn’t offer this type of bet refunded, here’s how to easily calculate your coverage.

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Now that you have a better understanding of all these types of bets, it’s time to take the plunge. Good luck for you!

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