Social Security: New method for self-employed inquiries

Now, self-employed workers included in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA), can check the monthly fee before it is charged to their bank account. The self-employed person can also contact Social Security through their free telephone number.

Self-Employed: How to Check Your Past and Future Monthly Social Security Payments

This new Social Security advisory service began operating at the end of January 2021, and allows information on the history to be provided since July 2018.

As of the 26th of the second day of each month, the self-employed who participate in the program will be able to verify the monthly cost, which will be deducted from their bank account on the last business day of the month. It will eventually be deducted from other expenses from your bank account that month.

Not only can the receipt of the amount received and the voucher be obtained, but also provide these professionals with a consultation on the status of payments.

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[email protected], the new Social Security portal

Social Security launches its new website to carry out procedures with the General Treasury. [email protected] is a new Social Security portal that provides a variety of personalized services for freelancers.

In the “Payment and debt advice” section, professionals will be able to carry out all the aforementioned procedures.

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The portal is divided into two areas: public and personal.

Public area

In the public area, you can carry out any of the following steps:

  • Work life and state reports in Social Security, contributions and other supporting documents.
  • Personal data and modify the address or contact information
  • Registration, cancellation and modification of procedures, and even simulation tools to calculate the monthly payments to be paid to household employees.
  • Consultation of payments and debts.

Personal area

As for the personal area, this is the only space for each user, similar to the space provided by portals (such as telecommunications companies and bank portals).

Users can immediately view all their personal data and contact information, current employment status, working life in Social Security and specific circumstances, such as whether they are a worker or family employer.

To identify yourself in the personal area, you can use the same methods described above and access all the services and processes found in the public area without having to identify yourself again.

Relevant information for the self-employed

Self-employed workers will be able to view income from self-employment, view detailed information about calculating monthly social security premiums for the current month, and verify income from previous periods.

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You can also view your bank details. Another possibility it offers you [email protected] is to request the certificate of being up-to-date with the payment of Social Security obligations. All certificates can be downloaded in PDF format.

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