What is Cartomancy? Tarot card divination

Cartomancy is a method that can help us to predict the future using a pack of cards. There are many methods of divination, but the most famous is the Tarot card. It is based on the analysis of the symbols that will appear on all the tarot cards, and with the help of professional observers, we can understand roughly what happened in the past. Cartomancy is a method of fortune telling.

It can be used to solve problems such as love, money, health, friendship, etc., and it can also be used to see everything that has not yet happened.

Divination with tarot cards

Tarot divination is called a fortune-telling exercise with playing cards. At the same time, playing cards are playing cards: cards that have certain patterns on them and are often used in games of chance.

To develop the sabor carnoso (or sabor carnoso, with an accent on the letter I, accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy), Spanish playing cards or tarot cards are often used. It is important to clarify that for science and reason, divination is impossible and superstition is structured in the field of superstition.

The terms “cartomancy” and “tarot” are often used synonymously. However, it is worth mentioning that tarot cards are a form of divination as an action aimed at understanding future events. Tarot cards also provide insight into dreams and can even explain what a person is currently experiencing.

Tarot cards also provide insight into dreams and can even explain what a person is currently experiencing.

In this way, the tarot card does not only refer to the future: according to tarot readers and believers in tarot cards, it can also help to clarify what is contained in the subject’s unconsciousness. On the other hand, corpse clues always refer to events that have not yet occurred.

The tarot cards can also help to clarify what is contained in the subject’s unconsciousness.

In summary, it can be said that cartomancy is a magical boundary process. People who claim to be able to understand the future by observing cards owe their supernatural abilities to themselves (i.e., this is beyond the limits of humans).

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In addition to this problem, cartomancy also considered the system of card interpretation. In this case, the subjectivity of the so-called fortune teller comes into play. The person who throws or reads the card will use certain acquired knowledge or intuition to “interpret” the drawing, and in this way will realise his or her omen.

Tarot and cartomancy Are they the same thing?

This is always misleading, because the two terms currently in use are as if they were one and the same thing. For example, the Tarot card has been integrated into the body of the car.

So that you can understand: divination tells us that what we want is to guess some events that will happen without a reason; on the other hand, in the Tarot card, what we have to do is that the consultant can be in a deeper search. process Find yourself.

Find yourself.

History of cartomancy

It is difficult to determine the exact time when tooth decay first occurred; we can even find references to it in ancient Egypt (many of the illustrations of tarot cards are found on the walls of the pyramids). However, no illustrations of these letters have been created at this point in time.

It can be considered that all these illustrations are always associated with the mysterious and mysterious world, and therefore, due to different media, they have passed through different generations until they finally reach the letter. We have reached the time when they became popular (approximately in the 14th and 4th centuries), when they had spread to all countries.

Do you know some of the most used methods?

Generally speaking, there are three main methods of divination:

In general, to get right into the world of divination:

What are some of the most common methods?

Magnetic method

This is one of the most famous methods and it consists of reading tarot cards, but the special thing is that we will use the energy of the seers or tarot readers.

The moment this practitioner comes into contact with them, they will be full of energy and will help to establish mysterious connections with other people, which will give us the answers we are looking for. It is based solely on the transfer of energy.

Concentration method

Another method has a great additional advantage, i.e. we no longer need the services of clairvoyants or tarot card readers. However, it is more complicated to implement because the consultant will need complete mental control. You will need to relax, have the ability to visualise different scenarios, control yourself and concentrate on correctly interpreting the results of the tarot cards.

Intuitive Method

We end with the last method, which also establishes the connection to the card, but this time it is based on our mindset. What we need to do is to determine how the card sent to us came about: if we are consulting our work and we think we feel bad, it is possible that bad news is waiting for us.

What we need to do is to determine how the card sent to us came about.

It is also difficult to implement this method because our feelings may be unbalanced and limit the spread of cards. It defines three methods of divination.

It is also difficult to implement this method because our feelings may be unbalanced and limit the spread of cards.

Cartomancy as a discipline

Cartomancy is known as a technique whose purpose is to use a pack of cards to predict the future, these cards can be tarot cards, or if they cannot be used, ordinary cards can be used. The methods of using this subject are very diverse, it originated in the 12th century and nowadays it is very popular among people. As for its use, even today, it is still surrounded by many unknowns. In a simple way, it can be said that divination is a method of divination, and people lucky enough to have this talent can use it to expose some mysteries or doubts that threaten people’s future.

Such a method of divination is a method of divination, and people lucky enough to have this talent can use it to expose some mysteries or doubts that threaten people’s future.

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Symbology of the letters

For its part, the symbology represented on each card makes it easier for the person responsible for interpreting the card to gain enlightenment. Theoretically, the sole purpose of realising these visions is to help others to resolve the answers to the problems that beset them. At the same time, it is important to note that tarot cards are somewhat different from divination in that the former ensures that people seeking this type of service find that their divination is their sole or primary purpose. Events that have not yet occurred in the future.

This can be done using Tarot cards or ordinary cards (such as Spanish, French, German or English decks). You should take into account all aspects related to the card; so that an accurate explanation can be made. The elements, colours and symbols are important parts of the explanation.

Origin of cartomancy

The origin of fortune-telling can be traced back to the Chinese card game in the 12th century, originally just to entertain the public. However, as time went on, these cards began to be used as a way of foretelling the future and quickly gained popularity on the European continent.

They were also used as a way of predicting the future.

Learn the meaning of the occult symbology in cartomancy and oniomancy

Tarot reading and dream interpretation are two different divination techniques, but they have the same purpose: to reveal what is happening or about to happen in people’s lives. Therefore, it is best to learn the meaning of the symbols hidden in divination and dreams.

Although it is hard to believe, it is not necessary to have clairvoyance to know the future. This is because the development of the art allows people to interpret people’s lives from the perspective of people in the past, present or future. This is the case with divination and dreams.

The first includes an explanation of tarot cards, while the other attempts to find the meaning of dreams. Bearing in mind that in both cases, the messages are hidden through symbols, it is important to understand the meaning of divination in divination and dreams.

Tarot Symbols

The tarot card is a stack of 78 cards made of divination tools, and reading them is divination. These decks are made up of mysteries, divided into primary (22) and secondary (56). They are represented by different numbers. These numbers depend mainly on the type of tarot card, because since the creation different designs have appeared, or according to the Deck or mode of reading, some of which focus on specific aspects of the investigator’s life.

They are represented by different numbers.

On the other hand, depending on the spread there are tarot cards, and then there can be tarot cards of love, yes or no, freedom, and so on. However, as mentioned above, each tarot card will have a deck composed of the main mysteries of tarot cards. These decks are 22 cards with Roman numerals, names and meanings, such as the sun, Torres, magicians, lovers, stars, justice, priestesses, death and more.

Each of them has a very special symbolic meaning, which can be said to be related to the human soul, because they are representatives of vital and important things, and these things can become transcendental and perennial. They also act as signs or guides for making decisions that will lead to changes in life.

The meaning of the tarot cards

After understanding the functions of the Tarot cards and their elements, and discovering the symbolic meanings hidden in them, it is necessary to learn the meaning of the Tarot cards. This will be the combination between the primary and secondary individual representatives of each mystery deck. And the direction (to the right and to the back) and the position of your contact in the reading volume.



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The dissemination will depend on the preferences of tarot readers and what the consultants want to know. Therefore, some volumes can only be done when the main mystery is published. However, when accompanied by smaller mysteries, they can find greater meaning and accuracy in the reading. Today, you can find detailed guides on these subjects on the Internet, prepared by experts in the art of divination.

Oniromancy: meaning of dreams

Finally, it is good to know that dreaming about something has a special meaning, which can help people understand what is happening in life and even predict the future. To do this, it is important to try to remember the most relevant details of the dream, such as: cleanliness, beds, companions, old houses, lizards, crabs, dogs, etc.

In this way, it is enough to research websites containing different dream meanings, and find a suitable connection to the dreamer’s life. Strangely and interestingly, the popular Sigmund Freud was one of the first to interpret subliminal information to help patients improve their lives.  

How does cartomancy work?

There is more than one person worried about the future, who doesn’t want to know what luck will bring in the coming days? That’s why fortune telling offers many methods and methods to reveal what will happen at the end of the day, so we want to show you how fortune telling works.

We want to show you how fortune telling works.

Before we delve into the principles of Scrabble, you should know that Scrabble is a branch of divination, which is exactly to predict future events through the interpretation of cards, and can also reveal past events or unfinished aspects.

That is, through the reading, all aspects of a person’s life can be studied in depth, as well as their fortune in wealth, love, health, etc. Those who are able to perform this explanation are called “Necromancers.”

They are called “Necromancers”


Although tarot cards can be considered a form of divination, since the intent is not exactly the same, tarot cards are not necessarily synonymous with divination. Cartomancy focuses on deciphering the future, whereas Tarot attempts to study an individual’s personality.

Key elements of cartomancy

To describe how cohesion works, it is necessary to mention that in order to read Bahari, there must be a series of elements, with cards or decks as the main object. Thus, one of the most common tools for reading or explaining the future is the Tarot deck, which contains 78 cards. In addition, you can also use the Spanish deck, which is actually very old and traditional, and finally the little Leno Mander (Petit Lenormand), there are 36 cards.

But how does cartomancy actually work?

To understand how the car technique works, it is necessary to understand that this divination is an explanation of what the card is trying to express, and these expressions express those universal archetypes. These letters carry a series of symbols, which will be deliberately translated by someone with a talent for interpretation.

So, the great mystery and the secondary mystery contain decks or cards. The former is the substance that controls the human subconscious and the latter is the substance that expresses human psychology. The interpretation of the card is divided into three basic stages. The first is an attraction or magnetic process. During this process, what problems did the clinician point out or what results does he or she wish to achieve? The next is the second step. You will go through a concentration process. During the concentration process, you will concentrate on the concentrated questions and concentrate on getting answers.

Finally, once you throw away the cards, there will be an intuitive process, during which you will be able to read the results, and in this step they will interpret all the content that you can understand based on the results you get.

The advantages of divination can understand our future

For many people, it is useful to consult their past, present or future through cartomancy, because it can help them to place themselves in their own life environment, at the same time, it can clear up many unfinished problems and realise self-awareness. in all aspects. After understanding how Scrabble works, it is interesting that reading letters is an art that can be learned, because some courses and teachers can guide you to master this skill of interpretation.

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Scrabble is an art that can be learned, because some courses and teachers can guide you to master this skill of interpretation.

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