▷ Very promising advances against cancer

The technology Messenger RNA, has represented a great advance in the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus, and it can also be used in oncology. But the fight against cancer has many facets. There are many ways to implement feedback mechanisms in other areas of cancer advancement.

So we don’t fight in a one-dimensional way like against a virus, but multidimensional. This is what makes this disease so insidious. While remarkable progress has been made in the fight against cancer, there is still a long way to go, ”said Noushin Irani, portfolio manager of DWS Biotech, on World Cancer Day on February 4.

However, the progress made in the diagnosis is impressive. In just a few years, taking simple blood samples for diagnosis could become a reality – samples that would then be sequenced and examined for cancer markers.

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Currently, “unfortunately, the disease will only be detected at a certain time, and not from the beginning. Therefore, making the necessary therapies available is also extremely important, ”says Ms. Irani. But here too, companies have made remarkable progress and taken new approaches. It is, for example, “targeted therapy against cancer”, which consists of stopping the appearance of the mutation through a treatment.

Among advances against cancer, immuno-oncology is another approach that is already being used relatively widely. The approach to cell therapy, still very new, is, according to her, available until now for liquid tumors, that is, mainly cancers of the blood.

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