▷ The surprising change of look of Ester Exposito

Esther Exposito She has become one of the most popular actresses in our country with her meteoric career in the Netflix series “Elite”. But there is no doubt that when we study its beauty with a magnifying glass, what strikes us the most is its fantastic mane. This time he surprises us with a change of hairstyle and color.

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A surprising and flattering look

Ester Exposito – Video Capture

Ester Exposito is also famous for her Instagram posts, her dancing on TikTok, and of course, her blonde hair. But she has decided to say goodbye to the good girl tone and go for a beautiful brown hair with copper highlights. We must admit that this is not the first time we have seen her say goodbye to her already distinctive blonde mane. A few months ago, I already wore a XXL brunette hair, it seemed to be just a fleeting change, because in the days after, Ester continued to show off the usual light blonde. However, this time he seems to be serious.

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Ester Exposito wears one of the most enviable manes in Spain

She herself published a video in which she looked very dark, indicating that she had opted for a radical change. The actress wears one of the most enviable manes in Spainboth on and off the stage. Ester Exposito has already surprised us with hairstyles that let her hair relax like baby braids up to a kilometer-long ponytail at the Venice Film Festival.

The Madrid actress has replaced her blonde hair with a shining brown, which looks spectacular. It is a soft chocolate brown that contrasts with her skin and increases the depth of her eyes. This new tone is not flat, since it is combined with reflections, providing more luminosity. In this sense, wearing bright shades is essential, and the actress does not hesitate to bet on products that illuminate her hair.

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