Spa getaway: what treatments do you have to try?

Going to a spa is an event in the life of any woman. A weekend getaway, or even a longer trip in or out of Spain, will give you the rest that you undoubtedly deserve. However, you have to plan well. What treatments can you not stop trying if you go to a spa?

1. Massage

It is one of the must-have treatments on any woman’s list. It doesn’t matter if you have finished your degree and go to the spa as a reward for the difficulties of recent months, or that it is a gift from your children or your grandchildren for your classic eighteenth birthday: massage is a treatment that any woman likes.

In addition, any spa offers different types of massage, from the classic massage to relax tense muscles, through a sweet chocolate treatment, to oriental stone massages or anti-cellulite sessions with Chinese cupping. You just have to choose the one you like the most, lie down comfortable, and leave everything in the hands of the specialist!

2. Endermology

Although it is actually a form of massage, endermology deserves a separate section in this classification. This treatment is also known as negative pressure massage. It consists of stimulating the metabolism of adipose tissue through a negative pressure generated by a special device.

It is a fantastic option for people who are not very into training regularly, or who for whatever reasons, cannot do it. In order to really improve your silhouette, it is best to undergo a full series of treatments, which can be a bit expensive. However, don’t worry. You just have to ask installment loans, And surely before the summer you will already have a figure of envy!

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3. Facial treatments

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There is a wide range of beauty treatments for the face: cavitation peels, masks, facial massages, microdermabrasion and many more. But the best thing is that you can trust the specialist to choose the treatment! Indeed, it is so. There are many hotels with spas in which the specialist chooses the necessary facial treatment according to the condition of your skin. You do not have to choose blindly, as there will be a team of professionals who will present you with all the pros and cons of each intervention.

4. Why not a bath?

There is no doubt that, if you go to a spa, it is worth trying the different types of baths they offer: in flowers, mud, milk, wine or salinas. They all have extraordinary properties and positively influence your skin. Plus, they smell great!

5. Sauna

Going to the sauna is not a treatment in the strict sense of the word, but if you have not yet fallen in love with this activity, you have to try it yes or yes. Not only is it beneficial for the body’s immunity, but it also improves circulation, firms the skin and can help fight different types of diseases.

Remember that this list is not exhaustive, and that hotels with a spa are sure to offer a wider range of treatments. These five that we have mentioned are a must try, but do not limit yourself to them if you want to try even more things!

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