▷ How to take CBD oil safely

There are more and more products made with CBD oil on the market. However, there are still questions about how to use this type of oil. These are four tips for using hemp oil.

CBD oil can be consumed in different ways

Experts believe that the most effective form of administration is to put oil under the tongue through a dropper or spray to absorb the active ingredients faster and more regularly. By placing the oil under the tongue, it can be absorbed through the oral mucosa.

It is one of the body’s fastest absorption pathways and helps cannabinoids quickly reach the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. The person is advised to avoid swallowing saliva while the tongue is under the oil. Another way to apply CBD oil is to apply CBD-rich creams, ointments, gels locally or by infusion.

What is the correct dosage?

If you are trying to use CBD oil for the first time, it is recommended to start using the smallest amount indicated on the package. Therefore, you will be able to assess the effects of the oil and increase the dosage as needed.

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For example, in our 2% myCBD oil, the minimum recommended dose for a dose is 3 drops (equivalent to 2 mg of CBD) and the maximum is 9 drops (equivalent to 6 mg). Depending on each person or their weight, these amounts of CBD can be considered “low”, so for any questions we recommend consulting an expert.

You can mix it with other foods to make it taste more

Another option for taking CBD oil is to add it to food. In this case, we mean the CBD infusion. To dissolve, CBD needs fatty elements because it won’t just dissolve in hot water. To prepare to infuse the CBD tea, we heat the water to a boil.


Later, we add whole milk to provide the necessary fat to dissolve the tea. It is very important to add fatty elements (such as whole milk or butter) so that the cannabinoids can dissolve and take full advantage of all their properties. Lastly, put the tea bag in it and take it out after 3 to 5 minutes. If you don’t have milk, you can also add a little butter. Fatty elements will help.

To hydrate your skin

Some of the benefits associated with CBD oil are hydration of the skin. Therefore, in many cases, some people choose to apply the creams topically. In this case, the ointment should be applied evenly in a small dose. Also, it is recommended to gently wipe twice a day, 3 times each time, to clean the applied area. When applying, you should massage gently to promote the absorption of the cream or ointment.

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At Costa Comunicaciones we do not intend to diagnose or prescribe anyone. The information on this page is in no way diagnostic and will not be compared to any type of medication. It is recommended to always consult a medical expert before using cannabis-based products.

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