How cosmetic surgery has progressed in recent years

There was a time when surgeries they were synonymous with pain and suffering. These were the main concern of anyone who had to undergo cosmetic surgery. These interventions have made significant progress in recent years. For example, mastopexy surgery or chest lift It has managed to reduce the scars that it left before.

“It is painful?” This may be the most recurrent question during preoperative consultations. But tremendous advances in medicine have allowed anesthesiologists and surgeons to control and reduce pain during surgery and post-operatively.

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is no exception to the rule. Surgeons have had to improve interventional techniques to limit the use of scalpels when performing surgery.

Despite this, fear is omnipresent in the minds of patients and remains one of the greatest limitations that manages to dissuade millions of people from resorting to cosmetic surgery to correct their “morphological imperfections”.

Innovative intervention techniques to limit pain

In recent years, plastic surgeons they have perfected their interventional techniques to limit the extent and number of scars required for a given surgical act.

For example, him breast augmentation using silicone gel-based prostheses It can be done through very small incisions at the edge of the mammary areola, thus promoting optimal healing while limiting the size of the scar.

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In addition to optimizing surgeons’ know-how, anesthesia techniques (also called anesthesiology) have advanced so much that today we can speak of anesthesia with zero risk of complications. The latter was, for a long time, the main cause that deterred people from opting for cosmetic surgery. The pain induced by these surgeries can be relieved using modern anesthesia techniques. In fact, it is possible, during various types of intervention, to opt for local anesthesia or epidural anesthesia.

Evolution of medical technology

The evolution of medical technology has led to new solutions that can replace the dreaded scalpel and reduce the intensity of pain felt before and after any intervention.

  • The TEOSYAL®PEN is a cordless motorized pen that allows the surgeon to handle a syringe of hyaluronic acid to dramatically reduce pain felt during injection.
  • Based on new medical imaging technologies, minimally invasive surgical procedures allow surgeons to use mini-incisions to insert a very small scope, making it easier to perform the operation and avoiding the need for large incisions.
  • The ultrasonic rhino sculpture is an invention that alleviates the risks and trauma that can occur during conventional cosmetic nose surgery.

Interventions without surgery!

To seduce the millions of people who are terrified of the scalpel, surgeons have had to develop less invasive techniques to attract as many people as possible to the world of cosmetic surgery. Today it is possible to perform a complete facelift without resorting to surgery, thanks to lasers or injections of hyaluronic acid or botox.

Ultimately, surgeons had to innovate to learn how to control and reduce pain during surgery. Today it is possible to confirm that they have managed to face the challenge.

Numerous non-invasive technological advances planned for this 2021

In 2021 many innovations will appear in non-invasive aesthetic treatments or minimally invasive. Continued progress in non-surgical techniques now allows further optimize and customize patient care. Consequently, these innovations should offer the plastic surgeon the possibility to improve the results obtained in terms of efficacy, duration, safety or even convalescence.

In conclusion

In 10 years, interest in aesthetic medicine has doubled, and those under 35 years of age they are now more likely than those over 55 to use anti-aging treatments. Also driven by the influence of social media, in particular Snapchat and Instagram.

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Although social media may still ban plastic surgery filtering apps, Gen Z will continue to promote social networks this year for find a plastic surgeon and search for cosmetic medicine procedures , which will once again lead to lower cost.

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