▷ Decreased female libido: Causes and solutions

Some women have little or no sexual desire that affects the female libido. This situation can be temporary or long-lasting. Depending on the cause, the drop in libido can be sudden or gradual. What is the cause? and How to treat it? Read on to know the answers.

Some consult for themselves, because they do not like this image of themselves unwillingly. Others, by their partner, or their spouse, because they feel guilty for making him unhappy or just for not losing him. In itself, there is no pleasure in life for which a number of times and a rhythm are normal and obligatory. But, as a couple, there is a minimum of sharing and necessary harmony for the pursuit of adventure.

Possible causes of a low female libido

The frustration of failures, the impression of not being normal or not competent, the hassle of participating in the enjoyment of the other without receiving anything in return… There are many factors that contribute to the loss of sexual desire. Whether it is because of the partner’s behavior, his ejaculation too fast, for example, or his own inability to come, the woman no longer wants sex. You can take refuge in masturbation or get involved in places other than sexuality (sports, outings, reading, babysitting).

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An overly demanding partner

Sexual desire is affected when the woman finds excessive demands on her partner. Continuously pushed, cannot keep up, and ends up disgusted or repelled by sex play. A man who does not respect you in your sexuality or in your daily life paralyzes desire, just like a man who neglects himself.

Monotonous sex

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Also, not having any training in tenderness, sweetness, desire and pleasure and not knowing a sufficiently rich range of emotions can block the sexual desire in the women. This notably involves the preliminaries. The woman will then avoid sexual relations with her partner because she finds them too monotonous and too “automatic”.

Physiological causes

Loss of libido can be related to physiological problems such as hormonal disorders, alcohol consumption or addiction to drugs and toxins.

How to treat the loss of female libido?

The loss of female libido is multifactorial. Therefore, there are several types of treatment:

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  • If this loss of libido is related to relationship problems, the first thing to do is fix them. This requires communication and listening between the two of you. Making an appointment with a couples therapist can help resolve the situation.
  • If the lack of desire is the result of monotony or inexperience in sexual intercourse, it is better to consult a sex therapist.
  • The loss of female libido it can be a symptom of a psychological problem such as depression or a lack of self-confidence. Then a psychotherapy can be considered.
  • When decreased desire is caused by a hormonal problem such as menopause, the hormonal treatments they can help you regain the urge to have sex. Ask your GP for advice.
  • Less serious, loss of desire occurs in some tired women that they no longer have time to take care of themselves and their marriage. This situation is common among couples with Small children. In this case, the couple must spend time in their relationship spending time together.

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