Download free music – The most complete guide

Today we have kept in touch and we can enjoy free music only through the Internet. But what if we run out of data or are in an open area?

We provide you with the best application to download music on all your devices. Be sure to read the definitive guide on how to create a mobile app.

Apps to download free music mp3

When storing music on a mobile phone or a computer, the mp3 format is still one of the best formats. Therefore, we can find dedicated applications in this type of download.

Mp3 Music Downloader

This application allows you to download any song by any singer directly to our terminal in a few seconds. Not only that, we can also choose to listen to high-quality streaming songs and enjoy our previously downloaded music with its integrated player.


With TinyTunes, you can visit your server to listen to music on your Android phone. It allows different options such as adding a song to the download queue to save it in the smartphone memory or create a playlist. You can also use an ultra-light application that takes up almost no memory to access the Top 100 iTunes.

Apps to download free music for mobile

Mobile phones allow us to access content anytime, anywhere, but not all applications are suitable for all smartphones. Depending on the type of phone you have, find the best application to download music.

Apps to download music on Android

If you have a Google device, these are the best options for downloading music specifically designed for Android.

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A great option for playing music and saving your favorite songs to your Android phone’s library is Frostwire. Although it has very interesting features in this case, its users like it very much. And it allows you to share songs with your friends or family over Wi-Fi.

Fildo Music

This app has a feature that distinguishes it from other music apps and does not store content. It simply acts as a link between users and other services, so you can quickly download songs, singles, or entire albums. Also, it is very easy to use and configure, which is beneficial to you.

Applications to download free music on iPhone

One of the disadvantages of Apple devices is that they are not compatible with many applications. However, this does not mean that there is no other option when it comes to downloading music.

Freemake Musicbox

With Freemake, you can search and listen to free music anywhere, because it has no country / region restrictions like other apps. It also allows you to create your own playlist, sort songs and use it as a player to store all the music stored on your iPhone or any synced device.

Deezer Premium

The application is not designed to listen to your favorite songs, but to discover new singers related to your musical preferences. However, you can choose to sync your favorite songs so that you can listen to them offline as many times as you like. Not only that, you can also download lyrics for idol songs.

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Apps to download music from Youtube

If you want to listen to your favorite artists on YouTube, you probably already know that even premium subscription services don’t allow you to save songs or albums. However, thanks to these applications, you can download the songs you want to listen to offline.


We started with TubeMate, which is already well known by users who often download YouTube videos. TubeMate not only allows you to download YouTube videos with different resolution options, it can also download music from videos in MP3 format.

The best part is that this app can download multiple songs at once in the background, so you can continue to use Android normally while downloading music.


It is an application that, in addition to downloading videos and music from YouTube, you can also download videos from applications such as Facebook, Vine, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Tumblr. Similarly, the app can also download YouTube video cover photos, making it one of the most comprehensive apps in the field.

However, for those looking for a quick and easy solution to download music from YouTube, VidMate may not be the best option.


As with the previous application, the way to save music is very simple, since you only need to use your browser to find the video and click to download it. Although this application also allows you to save multimedia formats, not just YouTube. You can also download audio from Twitter, Instagram, Vevo, and numerous portals and social networks.

Apps to download free music on PC

Many of us like to cook at home, clean, do laundry, or listen to music at work. To do this, the best option is to be able to download music directly to your computer, so even if the connection is disconnected, you can continue playing your favorite songs.

If you have a computer or laptop that can use the Windows operating system, you will be lucky, with the following applications you can enjoy music at any time.


For all users who usually use Windows and Android, Microsoft Groove is a very interesting application because it allows us to play any audio file in the OneDrive account. To get the most out of the app, the ideal is to have a premium Music Pass account.


Although it also works on Android, the truth is that one of the advantages of this application is its web version, from which you can download video and audio files and then play them from your PC in a very simple way. Best of all, it is a completely free application.

Apps to download free music

Many apps offer song downloads and playlists on their premium subscription services. However, there are other options to download 100% free themes.

Beats Music

First of all, it must be said that Beats Music was acquired by Apple and ceased its activity in 2015, transferring all subscribers to Apple Music. However, the advantages of this application include unlimited playback, a free version, and the option to listen to music offline.

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AUP Free Music Download

Another great option to get free music on the go is to download AUP, which allows you to access a variety of content with its built-in search engine. You can stream the best music in high-quality audio format and then download it to your device to listen to the music without using data.

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