How to know if someone spies on you from- WhatsAppWeb

WhatsAppWeb is a version of the popular messaging application, which allows us to chat with any of our contacts from the browser itself. This version is widely used by people who spend a day in front of a computer and do not want to spend a whole day picking up their phones to see who wrote them and answering messages. However, it has also become a tool to spy on other people’s WhatsApp.

If you’ve used WhatsApp before, you know that you want to access all the chats from your browser, all you have to do is visit the WhatsApp website, then pick up your phone, open the messaging app, and tap the button. Select the WhatsApp Web option and scan the QR code displayed on the computer screen from your mobile device.

Automatically, we will see how all WhatsApp chats are displayed in the browser version, and we will be able to chat and share various content, just like on mobile devices.

Compared to the many advantages, one of the common problems with using WhatsAppWeb is that we don’t always remember to log off the computer. For example, suppose you open it at your workplace or on a college computer. Then you forgot to close the conversation, and even if they can’t send new messages, anyone can access your messages and read them, because the network version directly depends on whether your phone is connected.

In addition, anyone who can access our phone can connect to our WhatsApp from a computer and monitor all our messages in a few seconds, since they do not need to show any type of password or PIN. Next, we will show how to know if someone is spying on our WhatsApp from the web version of the messaging application.

Find out if someone spies on you on WhatsApp Web


The first is to check the notification bar of the phone, because once we open WhatsApp Web in the computer’s browser, a notification will appear indicating that the web version of the application is in use. Usually this column will appear, indicating that WhatsApp Web is currently active. If you are using it, ignore it, but if you are not using it you can exit, in this case we must be careful and close all possible sessions. Go to the computer (if nearby) and check if the computer is off. Whether at home, in the office, etc.

However, if for some reason this notification does not appear, or if they are monitored in our WhatsApp when we are not continuously checking mobile devices, it is possible that this warning will no longer appear. It will only be displayed when it is active.

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Check your open sessions on WhatsAppWeb

In this case, if you suspect that someone has monitored your WhatsApp messages through the web version of the application, we can verify the following. The first thing we have to do is open WhatsApp on the mobile device, click on the menu button, and then select the WhatsApp Web option to close the open session. We recommend that you always do this, regardless of whether you think someone is watching you. It is best to avoid a possible access to your WhatsApp.


When is it recommended? Whenever you leave your computer on a shared computer that has been using WhatsApp Web (or if it is your laptop, but someone can open it at home), we recommend that you follow the steps below to completely log out.

Open the WhatsApp application and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner. Once this is done, we select the “WhatsAppWeb” section, then a screen will be displayed where the camera will be automatically activated with your account to scan the QR code or display information about the recently opened WhatsApp Web session.

If we have never used the web version of WhatsApp and there are open sessions, then we can confirm that someone is watching us, but if we have used the version recently, we must verify which browsers we are from and the dates on which these sessions were held. Opened.


In the information of the open session itself, we will find certain data that will allow us to know if it is about sessions opened by other people, such as the date and time, the computer’s operating system, the browser used, and even the location. If there are suspicious sessions, it is better to click on the “Close all sessions” option. In this way we will prevent someone from seeing our WhatsApp again unless they pick up our phone again.

If the person closes the session, we will not know if they are spying on us in this way, but if they want to see our chat again, they have no choice but to log back into our account. It is recommended that you always log out until you decide to use it on your computer.


If your concern is that close people can read what you are saying, the best we can do is use the WhatsHide extension that is used with WhatsAppWeb. It is a free extension for the Google Chrome browser that helps us keep the screen hidden when we have a conversation. You will see an icon in the upper right part of the screen, which will allow us to “blur” the entire screen.

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