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Some websites dedicated to torrenting no longer exist, but for users connecting to the Internet from Spain, they are no longer available. Although it is easy to bypass website blocking, not all users know how to do it. Also, when this type of site is blocked, under normal circumstances, the number of users will be greatly reduced, and as your community decreases, the number of torrent links will also decrease. Our download website for today has many BestTorrent alternatives worth visiting.

Top 10 of the best BestTorrent alternatives

Some of them are easily accessible and can work through “mirror” links, in case you find the same file on different servers if the original link disappears.

But what characterizes these types of services is the incredible variety and functionality. Keep reading until you finally discover our 10 best Mejortorrent alternatives.

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If you are looking for quality Spanish alternatives, this is one of the best options. The portal can provide movies, documentaries, television series, games and music in mp3 format. They manage 57,258 seeds in their account.

One of the things that most attracts its users is that it does not contain advertising. Its use and functions are easy to handle and it provides the most popular series on Fox, Universal Channel, HBO and Warner Channel. You can access online games.


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Probably the best website to download torrents in Spanish. So far it works fine and doesn’t seem to hide anything suspicious. In DonTorrent you can access many categories, including 4K movies and options to choose different languages ​​or image quality.

You can access all kinds of content, including documentaries, music, or games. There is also a section that contains all the new versions added in the last few days.

The pirate bay

The pirate bay

With The Pirate Bay, you will have many opportunities to download and try. It has been blocked in various countries around the world, yet it still struggles to survive. That is, it manages to return through a different server so that you can enjoy the torrent service and all its benefits from anywhere in the world. However, in Spain, you may have to use other methods to access it.

At the same time, Pirate Bay has a catalog of options that can be downloaded at any time. You can find operating systems for various computers. Movies and television series online with the highest quality and in different languages ​​are also common.

In addition to the free games and computer programs, the music album is also an extraordinary feat on the site. Of course, you have to be careful when using the advertising button, because it is not free from viruses and malware.


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If movies are your passion, but you don’t want to pay for a Netflix or Prime Video subscription, then Elite Torrent is the best option. This time they are completely free series, soap operas and movies, organized in the form of a catalog, and have their own covers, so that you get a rough idea of ​​what you will see in the future.

All the videos are of the best quality and you can watch them online directly from the mirror link or download them through torrent hosting.

In this sense, Elite Torrent is very intuitive, similar to an Internet site dedicated to hosting free movies. What we like the most is its anti-advertising policy, which is what makes it a super competitive product.

They are also tired of the idea of ​​people claiming to add up to 5 ad links to their download sites, so they decided to skip these links and focus on providing a good torrent site for all users.


Divxtotal – Screenshot

The scandal that engulfed the Spanish company Divxtotal left the company unusable for a long time because organizations from the country and the European Union decided to block it because it was a space of “piracy”.

However, as a phoenix, it can at least replenish its own energy in other countries, and it can still be used. Thousands of sites on the Internet again predicted its collapse, but this does not mean that it will happen. For now, you can still take advantage of it.

Is it availabe? A large number of directories. If you like movies, you have many options, including movies that have recently been released in multiple languages ​​in cinemas around the world.

However, there are also series, cartoons, programs and software for desktop computers, applications for mobile phones and many options, which make it one of the Mejortorrent alternatives today.


GranTorrent – Screenshot

You can access BlueRay, 3D, 4K and MicroHD movies from this website; the same as expected from the current television series. Add tapes to record new and more viewed locations; so you don’t miss out on any of the best. To improve security, they provide a filter to locate movies by category for easy searching.

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It is always an actionable website and its content is updated frequently. The website design is very modern and provides simple, fast and secure BestTorrent alternatives that can provide solutions when errors occur during the download process. Provide popular content in search options.

PopCorn Time

This platform is committed to providing download links for movies and TV series from all over the world. The quality of all these files ranges from 480px to 4K, depending on the availability of the files and your needs.

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However, with a few exceptions, you will need to view them in the original language. However, they also have subtitles for you to enjoy.

On the other hand, PopCorn Time has a very nice and elegant interface, very similar to streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus. In fact, it also streams content through this technology, and you can view them online via mirror links, or download them to view on your computer.

The website can also be run through a smartphone screen, making it a cross-platform recommendation for fans.


GNULA – Screenshot

Another on Torrent’s Downloaded Classic Digital Movies List. Sometimes they closed the site, but at the same time they changed the domain and are still one of the most recommended sites for downloading movies.


YTS – Screenshot

When it comes to YTS, movies are its biggest draw because users often use it as a way to watch their favorite movies without being ambushed by malware.

How that? has a team of supervisors and moderators who are in charge of eliminating all the links that contain traps and deceptive viruses, so you will surely enjoy a safe download method.


RARBG – Screenshot

The last on our list, but not for that reason one of the best Mejortorrent alternatives, which is used especially to compress files, RARBG also occupies a special place in the world of online downloads. Now no need to switch between torrent to find full or score level heavy games in multiple containers.

You can even use important software, and you only need to select the basic specifications to start enjoying incredible downloads.

Use these alternative BestTorrent products to download files, movies, documents, archives, series, ISO, RAR, software, applications, operating systems. Some of them are dedicated to streaming audiovisual content, with interfaces similar to sites like Netflix and HBO Max.

Although the other options have the full functionality of the other options, you should start testing each option to see what they offer you.

Torrent files are legal, but… it depends on what you download

It should be noted that torrenting is not synonymous with piracy. In fact, today we can find many copyrighted files on the Internet and ultimately downloading these files is illegal. However, there are also a large number of torrent files that can be anything like a Linux distribution or any non-copyrighted software.

What are torrent seeds?

When we talk about torrents, we mean the number of users who share the file. The more seeds, the better. On the other hand, there are users who are downloading the content. The more seeds depend on the seed, the slower the download speed. This is logical.

All in all, we can say that torrent files are an interesting way to download and share files on the Internet. This is what Internet users actually use. As we have already mentioned, there are important differences between torrent files and other types of direct downloads. It is important to keep this in mind, because sometimes it can be interesting to choose one possibility or another. Therefore, in the previous article, we will provide you with the differences between the different types of downloads.

Why you should always use a VPN to visit torrent sites

When thousands of people visit and torrent these types of websites, any file you download can become infected with harmful viruses and other malicious software.

Additionally, by using Torrent sites, you may run the risk of data being intercepted or online activities being monitored.

Are there any risks when downloading torrents?

The VPN eliminates the risk of torrent downloads and will ensure the safety of all your Internet activities. Check the top reasons why you should always use a VPN when downloading or uploading torrent files.

Overcome regional torrent site barriers, due to possible copyright infringement, torrent download sites are generally banned in certain countries or regions. If you live in one of these areas, you may not be able to visit your favorite torrent site. With VPN, you can bypass these geoblocks by connecting to servers in other countries / regions.

Protect your privacy

A VPN provides a secure connection and encrypts your data so your information remains private and prevents ISPs from monitoring your online activities.

Additionally, by encrypting your data, the VPN prevents you from intercepting sensitive information or infecting devices with malware.

Avoid potential legal implications

It is always possible that you accidentally download copyrighted material. Even if it is a real mistake, it can lead to legal action against you. If you download or upload files through a VPN, your activities can only be tracked after they find it.

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