▷▷ The best Hostings 2021 for your web projects

Are you looking for some of the best hostings? You may have decided to take the next step towards your business website or blog and take advantage of the benefits of a CMS like WordPress.org, so you will need to adjust your professional hosting service as needed. We can help you.

If you start searching the web, you will find that the hosting offer is overwhelming, and the price difference between them is surprising. This price difference covers many aspects.

From the storage capacity (if your website has more than 50,000 monthly visits and you upload a lot of images, you must take this into account) to the technical support they provide (in terms of when it arrives in stores), the speed in the resolution of incidents is crucial), these are some of the factors that we must take into account before hiring a web hosting plan.

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Let’s see the 20 most solid hosting to host your website

We have compiled information from various hosts with different pricing plans, deals, promotions and deals so that you can see what they are offering at a glance.

In some cases, the diversity between them is impressive, so I’ll focus on plans that provide at least the following features: 1GB of disk storage and multiple databases.

Although before identifying a specific host, I recommend that you research their respective websites and at least make sure they meet the following requirements:

  • Update content quickly and easily.
  • You can migrate to a different hosting plan if necessary. Usually the following differences exist: storage, data transfer and number of available domains.
  • The number of emails is unlimited (the number of email accounts in your domain. For example, [email protected]).
  • Spam filter (required).
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface (panel).
  • High-quality technical support, if possible, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.
  • There are forums, frequently asked questions (FAQ), video tutorials, etc. Many of our questions can be resolved by searching the accommodation site.
  • Automatic and programmable backup.


Spanish supplier with 20 years of experience in this field. They offer everything from domain and shared hosting (with free trial platform) to VPS, dedicated server, and cloud services. They stand out for their excellent technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Spanish, Galician, Catalan, Portuguese and English.

They have a totally secure and optimized network infrastructure: data center in Spain, NVMe disk (6 times faster than SSD), so that the web can be loaded before, the real availability is 99.999%. If you are interested in switching to dinahosting, in general, there will be good promotions, and the possibility of migrating your website for free. You will use its own control panel, which is very intuitive and easy to use.

Raiola Networks

Spanish companies offer high quality accommodation at affordable prices. They are committed to providing customers with an unmatched quality / service ratio. They specialize in WordPress and it is without a doubt one of the best Hostings.


Another “giant” used for hosting in the hosting market. They have provided services for many years and show themselves as a company that provides high quality services at low prices.

Like most companies, they also have technical assistance, but in this case you will have to understand English because they will use this language to answer your questions, although this is not necessarily a problem because there are many forums to answer questions about how they have been raised. many users.


Webempresa is one of the most recommended and praised Spanish hosting providers. We cannot deny it, we test it, because it is the custodian of our web hosting and other projects. They stand out for their high quality services and Attention to events, Provide answers and solutions immediately.

The speed is incredible, no one will tell you, and you can hardly compare one host to another without testing them. They provide multi-domain services on the basic plan and all have automatic backup and anti-piracy protection features.

Image from Pixabay

Blue Host

Another American “monster” and has a great reputation for being one of the first to provide unlimited space, data transfer, email accounts and subdomains (subdomains that many companies are currently planning). It has video tutorials to provide help and support when users need it.


It can be considered a “low cost” or low cost host because it has a fairly affordable pricing plan that can bring you benefits. In terms of server speed and technical support, user reviews are positive. One of the best Hostings


The company was founded in 2003 and is based in the United States. Provide technical support services in English. It has custom plans for Windows and Linux operating systems, and all plans include a $ 100 coupon that can be used for advertising campaigns on Google Adwords.

I Page

They have served for more than 10 years. Their prices are one of the most competitive products on the market and they enjoy a good reputation among users. The technical service has received positive reviews, but as in other cases, the service is provided in English. They specialize in WordPress.

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This Spanish company is based in Andalusia and offers 24-hour technical assistance by creating tickets. They specialize in providing services to agents and marketers. One of the best Hostings.

Go daddy

They occupy an important position in the hosting market by offering very cheap domain names, although the hosting is not very good. They currently have a customer base of more than 12 million worldwide. Technical support in Spanish.


Spain, one of the three great American giants, is about to land. They provide the function of selecting the location of the hosted IP at no additional cost. The support of each CMS is very professional, and they are one of the few (if not the only) companies that provide more than 900 customer services. They stand out for the performance and security of the server. One of the best Hostings.


Spanish company with servers in our country. They have a test platform to create a website and then click to publish. It is one of the most suitable companies to the Spanish legislation in the matter of invoicing to clients. They have their own control panel, which is highly optimized and easy to use. One of the best Hostings.


Multinational companies are considered one of the best known companies in hosting services. Its data center is located in Spain. Lack of hosting speed and customer support, and their pricing plans are standard. They have a “sandbox” service that allows customers to run virtual tests before changes appear on their website.


It used to be called Red Coruña. They are the Spanish subsidiary of HEG and have a Spanish IP. Client files are small businesses with low hosting fees.


The server is hosted in Spain. The chat service they provide works well. For agents with very competitive prices.


It originated in Denmark and is currently one of the most powerful countries in Europe. They provide their own free web editor, you can use them to create websites without any programming skills. They have a free accommodation promotion for one year. Poor performance and security.


Originally from Spain, it has been operating since 2004. Their quotes are mainly for small agents, and they specialize in CMS. One of its priorities is technical assistance to the user. One of the best Hostings.


It has several plans, the cheapest is the simple plan, with a monthly price of 0.80. Our suggestion is to use this free plan for tests or non-professional projects.


The Spanish company was established in 2002 to provide us with technical services in Spanish. For small projects and companies, they don’t want to have a lot of “hassles” in their accommodation.


A young company since its foundation in 2011. It is currently expanding in the Latin American market. Its main function is Cloud Hosting (cloud hosting service). The price is a bit high, but considering the quality of the service, it is recommended to use it for large professional projects. One of the best Hostings.

Conclusion about web hosting

Although at first glance it may seem that all hosting providers offer similar services, the truth is that it is important to pay attention to support and backup problems.

Interestingly, if the monthly traffic to your website exceeds 50,000 and you are satisfied with the hosting, then the storage you choose can provide you with different plans tailored to your needs. The basic rental plan (usually designed to host a website) is different from renting a space to serve multiple websites or multiple clients. Ideally, where you host the host, it can provide you with a premium plan for a wider range of traffic, and on it you can host multiple websites whenever you need.

Many common problems arise when managing a website, many of which are related to database and server conflicts caused by files or plugins. Avoid the latter problem by always installing trusted plugins.

There should be a virtual host to explain what is happening and what is the best way to act. This is something that you will not find in all hosting services.

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Now, everyone knows what their financial potential is when they rent hosting services for their website, so if they start with a cheap or free price, no one wants it. After a few months, they migrated to a more professional website.

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