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Facebook is one of the most used social networks in the world, with millions of active users every day. In fact, he was the first to create and change the way people socialize. However, as time goes on and technology updates, we see other options that grab people’s attention, so take a look at this year’s most promising alternatives to Facebook.

There are many social networks, but not all of them are as good as Facebook. What follows is that each portal has a different dynamic and purpose. For example, unlike Instagram, Facebook is generally used to communicate with family and closest friends, Instagram is usually more public and open to more people.

Looking for alternatives to Facebook?

More and more users despise social networks in California. Of course, there are many alternative social networks to Facebook to accept disappointed users.

Regarding private domains or data protection, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ have repeatedly raised doubts and reservations. However, there are some things that especially annoy Facebook users, this is a powerful feature of its algorithm, as it decides what to show, what not to show or what priority it has based on the interaction. Similarly, the problem of personalized advertising is obviously only possible through the use of personal information about members of the network.

The list of negatives may be longer, but fortunately, many social networks have emerged as alternatives to Facebook today. Some offer fewer ads, some have improved privacy policies, and some include certain features that Facebook lacks. In our guide, you can find articles related to the most relevant social media platforms.


According to its own creator, an open source project is “the global social network over which you have control.” Diaspora’s scope of features make it one of the best alternatives to Facebook – users can post status notifications and share and comment on posts and images. It controls the readers of the posts in a similar way to Facebook, and also uses hashtags or tags to categorize the posts so that you can find other people with similar interests. You can associate personal data with Facebook personal data, and it also has a chat function. Diaspora has around 750,000 active users and, compared to Facebook, it is still far fewer. However, this decentralized model and its control of personal data constitute a basic advantage for users who have doubts about it. Last but not least, Diaspora is ad-free.

It can be said that it is a decentralized and distributed alternative to Facebook, which is related to the technical structure of the platform itself, which is made up of many interconnected networks. This means that the platform does not collect user data centrally, but rather distributes the infrastructure among the users themselves through so-called “pods” (servers). With sufficient technical skills, personal capsules can be operated. In this way, the control of private information can be guaranteed. For those who do not know much about this topic, the network has an “open pod”.


Among educators around the world, one of the most common problems is that their students spend more time on Facebook than on homework and academic assignments. So the Edmodo manufacturer decided to provide its services. This is a great social app where students and teachers can maintain communication, solve questions and problems, receive assessment instructions, and send them directly from there.

At the same time, Edmodo becomes one of the best alternatives to Facebook because its interface is very similar. The idea of ​​this is to allow students to focus on their education and in a better way than one of their most attractive vices. Also, the platform is completely free and you can only use it by subscribing by email. It is suitable for smartphones in stores like Google Play.

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If you want to find a social network that can help you get rid of Facebook problems, you can start with Vero. The website was established not long ago and is expected to become one of the strongest competitors due to its spectacular, simple and streamlined interface, similar to the merging experience of Instagram and Facebook itself. Its basic principle is that you can share photos, videos, upload some temporary images, and comment on other images.

The system of adding friends will be replaced by “follow”, although it will not make any difference to you. Regarding Vero, what we can assure you is that it will not obtain your information or sell it to third parties without permission, so you can be sure that your data will be completely safe. If you do not want to process public personal data, just change it to private personal data to solve this problem. As for messaging, vero also includes one.


Another great suggestion as alternatives to Facebook from Mastodon. Its design and interface are more or less similar, including its colors and how we use it. For example, you have a bar menu to collect notifications, friend requests, and messages, and you can read and take actions by just clicking each menu. Also, if you want to post your status, you just need to write how you feel and attach a photo showing more images.

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Mastodon does not seem to be enough, it is open source software, therefore it is developed by great technicians and professionals who have evaluated the most important advantages of popular websites and provide you with quality services. Even without the simple facts backed by any data company, you can be sure that your information is safe. Although you can also block personal information and edit its scope.

Since its inception in 2012, Ello administrators have made small adjustments to the network: at first, they wanted to make Ello the leading, ad-free alternative to Facebook, but as time passed, they narrowed the reach of their target audience. Currently, the platform is aimed at photographers and designers.

It does not send user data for advertising purposes. I do not plan to do this in the future. The platform is financed through cooperation with other companies and sales committees, because artists can sell their works on it. Although there is no official figure on the number of users, it is assumed that there are at least 1 million registered users. However, the number of active users can be much lower.

One of the principles of Ello is not to force users to register with their real names, which was the subject of some controversy among Facebook users at the time. In addition, it was originally a closed circle, which can only be entered by invitation, although today it is open to all interested groups. People often criticize it for not being one of the real Facebook Alternatives because it lacks some key features. In return, high-value content is prioritized, making the Internet an ideal environment for artists and photographers. Users in the creative field appreciate its clear and simple design.


The most common question among users who want to use other social networks like Face is reflected in a question: How should I manage my contacts? Nobody wants to start over, especially if you already have a strong mix of friends. Well, Friendica was born to save your life, from a social point of view, because it supports contacts from popular websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and can import all your contacts (if they also have accounts).

On the other hand, the number of daily active users of Friendica has reached a high level, close to one million. Its secret is that it is inspired by the services of Facebook and Twitter to provide you with similar features that you may want to use. Also, like Mastodon, it is open source software that can invest a lot of money and time in your privacy. In fact, if you want to install your own server, you can.

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Club House

The Combination of Podcasting and Messenger – The Clubhouse app’s new features and proprietary promises grab the attention of users. Although other platforms such as Facebook use text, images and video as main elements, Clubhouse is based on the use of audio. In other words, its members can communicate with each other through voice. To do this, they open their rooms to discuss specific topics and hold meetings or debates with other members of the social network.

Whenever the host allows it, the rest of the users can listen to these interventions and participate in them using the microphone of the smartphone. Although the app was originally intended as a meeting place for business negotiations in Silicon Valley, the scope of the topics has continued to expand. Part of the reason is that influencers are present on the platform and are invited to operate their own rooms.

In addition to these well-known members, Clubhouse is also becoming increasingly popular due to the artificial shortage and the FOMO effect that follows. To be a member of the social network, another user must invite you. Also, the app is (currently) only available for iOS. However, the developers have announced that they want other devices to be able to access it.

However, these alternatives to Facebook are not without criticism: in addition to taking an elite approach, Clubhouse has also been criticized for data protection. Users of the application must share their entire phone book so that the service can have third-party data.


Hate having to switch apps to immerse yourself in all the social media platforms? Exit Facebook and enter Instagram, then WhatsApp becomes a tedious task, but with Maki, you can solve all the problems. Although it is not just another social network, the application will allow you to open all the popular accounts in the same space and switch between them with a single button. It’s that simple, there are no hidden features!

From Twitter, Telegram, and LinkedIn, to Reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr, you can attach them, including the ones we’ve already mentioned in the previous paragraph. Maki is a secure service that can ensure that your information is safe, and the interface is very similar in all spaces, making it difficult to download. And, if you want to read posts every night, it’s time to use the night mode created specifically to protect your eyesight.


When it comes to messaging, Signal is one of the most secure and complete proposals among all solutions. It is not a social network like Facebook because it does not have public space to share projects and post statuses. However, talking to family and friends will be a simple task. You only need a username or your phone number to complete the job. And, if we still can’t convince you, you don’t need to pay any usage or download fees.

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Although MeWe includes advertisements in its extensive interface, it is easy to use this shortcoming as a positive. In addition, it allows you to add ads to your profile and earn money from them without having to do more. In terms of usability, it is a fairly complete social network and it will continue to grow. It also provides you with your own instant messaging, where you can have private conversations and enjoy your time.

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