▷ What is the Antibumping lock system?

The lock is a key element to prevent theft in our home. Install Antibumping locks is one of the smartest decisions that can be made, thanks to the fact that they are 30-50% stronger and more secure than standard cylinder locks. These locks also have anti-tearing and anti-picking characteristics.

How do you open a lock?

As a reminder, you should know that the cylinder of a lock is made up of pins (from 5 to 36 depending on the complexity of the cylinder). The pins are lowered and then raised according to the notches on the key and in a well-defined order to activate the door opening.

Lockpicking is the name given to a technique to open a door or, more precisely, a lock. The thief who tries to open the door does so with a hook (hence the name lock pick). The objective is to pass this hook through the lock, feel the resistance of each of the pins, and activate them one by one in the order of opening the door. This is meticulous but doable work.

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What is bumping

The bumping It is a method of theft that attempts to open the door without the owner’s key. This method of bumping involves inserting a tampered key into the lock cylinder and striking the key to make the lock cylinder piston move. In this way, when the key is struck, the cylinder piston will pop out at the same time, so that the key is turned and the safety door opens. Bumping (also known as ramping) takes only half a minute and does not damage the door closing system, making it difficult to see at first glance.

What is an anti-bumping lock

Avoiding opening a lock is impossible. Unfortunately, as long as it’s made of pins, it can snag. But it is possible to make this lock picking technique less feasible. The anti-bumping lock will not prevent theft, but it does delay and deter it.

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You should know that there are three levels of resistance to theft (to list the locks) classified according to the resistance time. Therefore, there are various types of A2P locks :

  • A2P1 for opening a lock, with a pick, in 5 minutes
  • A2P2 to open in 10 minutes
  • A2P3 to open in 15 minutes

The more pins there are, the more difficult it will be to open the lock, or at least the longer it will take to open it. In this sense, a security lock 7 pins will be more resistant to theft and less easy to open than a 4-pin lock, for example. Likewise, it is advisable to prefer high-end locks to inexpensive locks that break easily.

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There are other locks called anti-picking which are constructed in such a way that the resistance sensations of the pins are less perceived when passing a hook. By not feeling the resistance of each bolt, thieves cannot actuate them and therefore cannot open the lock.

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