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Home automation, also called smart home , connected home or smart House”, are increasingly popular terms. However, for many, this term still remains unknown. It must be said that home automation encompasses many technological aspects. Therefore, the question is legitimate: What is home automation?

Home automation, what is it?

The word ” home automation “Comes from” domus “which means”address”, And the suffix“ tick ”that refers to the technique . Wikipedia defines home automation this way:

Is named home automation to systems capable of automating a home or building of any type, providing energy management, security, well-being and communication services, and that can be integrated through internal and external communication networks, wired or wireless, and whose control enjoys a certain ubiquity, from inside and outside the home. It could be defined as the integration of technology in the intelligent design of an enclosed space.


Home automation is not new, since we already talked about it in the seventies . In 1974, on the outskirts of Brussels, the house of Pierre SARDÁ It was already equipped at that time with a good number of automatisms and peripherals that still make people dream today. His system was based on a computer “no bigger than a small suitcase”, whose function was to know the environment and control it: light, heating, audio / video, security. Here is a video that was made at the time:

Even today, some things seem like science fiction: Suffice it to tell yourself that if they were possible 30 years ago, they are even more easily possible today. It’s just that few people know.

Evolution of home automation

At first, home automation was intended for automate the home: Opening and closing automatic shutters, electric gate opening, heating management, lighting management, etc.

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Thus, before the era of smartphones, for example, it was possible to activate your heating remotely by making a phone call to your home or sending you an SMS.

However, such an installation was relatively complicated to set up, and it must be admitted that it is expensive. This unfortunately left its mark, since for many still today, home automation rhymes with expensive and complicated. However, this field has evolved enormously and there are many solutions that are simple to set up and quite affordable For the general public.

But above all, home automation itself has evolved, so the term home automation itself may be somewhat outdated: home automation was used to automate the home; today we talk about home automation 2.0 , or ” smart House ”, To highlight that this world has evolved. The different areas of the house are no longer content with being automated and controllable, they communicate with each other , allowing the house to react to different events.

The possibilities of home automation

We can say that home automation finds its place in three main areas.

Home automation provides comfort

Of course, your home automation has a real impact on the comfort found there. It is not necessary to take a shower to open the door when you get home, no need to catch cold when opening the shutters by the morning, and no more weekend returns to a very cold house.

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Today, a smart home is capable of knowing when you arrive home (thanks to your smartphone, for example) and, therefore, of opening the portal even before you arrive.

The shutters can open and close to the rhythm of the sun, being able to even adapt to the season and temperature to let in the light and heat of the sun in winter, or on the contrary to keep it cool. summer closing the shutters of the windows exposed to the sun.

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Also, your home knows when you are there, and so it can adapt its heating so that the house is always at the ideal temperature for you. It is even possible automatically stream your music playlist favorite when you wake up or when you get home. During this time, a robot can vacuum the house for you, and the system irrigation automatic will water your garden, taking into account the weather forecast for the next few days, so as not to water unnecessarily.

Home automation saves energy

By managing the blinds according to the season, as well as the heating, the home automation system allows save energy , and therefore money, although at first we were only looking for more comfort. Power consumption can be tracked very accurately, whether its consumption of electricity, water or even gas .

Are you leaving home? Simply activating the alarm when you leave will put the heating in eco mode, and will turn off all lamps and appliances that are on standby, reducing your energy consumption while you are away. And this without any action on your part. This is the smart home!

Home automation improves security

The automatisms that we have seen previously can fully contribute to the security of your property, by carrying out what is called a presence simulation – Even in your absence, the shutters continue to open, music can be played. Diffuse in the house, and lights. random. So from the outside, it becomes very difficult to tell if the house is unoccupied, which deters many burglars.

Home automation-what-is
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A water leak detection It can automatically shut off the water supply to avoid great damage.

But safety is also the people safety : in case of fire detection For example, it is quite possible to automatically open the blinds, unlock the doors and illuminate the exit to facilitate evacuation. Example of setting up a “simple” smoke detector, coupled to a home automation system:

In the case of dependents, such as old people or people with reduced mobility , it is also possible, for example, to notify a loved one or the emergency services in the event of a fall or any abnormal event.

A typical day with home automation

To give you a concrete example, here is an example: In the morning my checkout automation checks my google calendar to see if it works: if so, start the towel for half an hour before I get up, to get a hot towel when I get out of the shower. I awake gradually increasing the light in the bedroom and turning on the kitchen, ready to receive me.

The morning of the information is broadcast on the grounds of the multi-room audio system in the kitchen. the shutters, they will open at dawn. Lunch, then I go to the bathroom. A motion detector knows that I just moved to another room and transfers the audio stream from the multiroom system to the bathroom, this time playing my favorite playlist.

If there is work or a problem on the road, my communicator, controlled by my home automation box, reminds me vocally that it is time to go to work, because you will have calculated the travel time as a result of these unforeseen events. What’s more, my door it’s already open and it’s just waiting for my game to close behind me.

Full control wherever you are

Thanks to the GPS on my smartphone, my house knows that I am gone. If I haven’t, the house asks if they should sound the alarm. If yes then all devices are turned off and the lamps that have remained on, and switches the heating to eco mode. This same alarm will also manage a presence simulation to deter thieves by pretending that the house is occupied. During this time the Vacuum cleaner robot from the house will go down to the home , so that the house is clean when the occupants return.

If a carrier passes during my absence, they notify me on my mobile phone, supporting photo. The doorman call redirects to the smartphone , which allows me to speak to the delivery man. So I can open the door to let the delivery man in and put the package in a safe place.

At night, my home automation system detects when I am on my way home and turns on the heat if necessary to heat the house, It might have gotten too cold during the day. My door will be open even before I get to the front of the house, avoiding the wait in front of it.

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If he garbage collection schedule anticipates a pickup the next day, a text message is sent to remind me of the type of garbage to remove. Besides, the furniture lighting it will turn yellow or brown to clearly indicate the type of garbage to be removed.

At dusk, the shutters will close automatically. At the same time, the home automation system will send me an SMS indicating the photovoltaic production of the day , compared to electricity consumption.

Do you want to see a good movie at night?

With one touch, the system will turn on the television, the home theater amplifier, dim the light, and start the Apple TV. All you have to do is choose the movie. We can even ask Siri orally make a suggestion 😉

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All this without my having to intervene in anything: the house is “smart” and adapts according to what is happening. The next day’s scenario may be different, if the house knows that it is the weekend or that we are on vacation. And I repeat: these are simple scenarios, configured thanks to sensors and actuators.

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