▷ What does home insurance cover and what does not?

Consumers, regardless of their insurer, should monitor their home insurance coverage as much as possible, because they may find unexpected solutions.

When you leave your keys inside or repair your computer for power-related failures, you don’t have to pay locksmith fees, which can be some of the most compelling aspects.

In many cases, we are not fully aware of basic family insurance coverage and we may get some surprises. Therefore, before remedying any accident through costly maintenance measures, it is convenient to ask our company if it is within the scope of the service we pay for each year.

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What does home insurance cover?

The content of family insurance is very extensive. The first point in this category corresponds to the cost of replacing the file. In the event of an accident, the most basic method is to recover lost documents, which are covered by homeowners insurance.

Covers the deterioration of appliances and furniture, as well as repairs and structural adjustments of windows, mirrors, marbles, glass, etc. Everything that corresponds to the content of the apartment is covered by family insurance. Where there is no agreement between the insurance companies is in the theft of garden furniture.

If you leave your professional property at home and it is stolen or damaged, insurance will cover your loss even if you own the property at an affiliated location. Insurance coverage related to the safe can be divided into two parts. If you have cash and / or jewelry inside, the first; if the jewelry and / or cash are not in the safe, then the second. Most insurance companies do not provide coverage for items found outside of the safe.

However, the lock and its corresponding key replacement are covered by family insurance. It also includes repair services for all of these items.

Why doesn’t home insurance cover everything?

Although having home insurance can ensure that we do not have to bear most of the claims incurred on the home, all insurance has exclusions. Even if we have signed a high-end insurance policy, because certain circumstances are not included in the home insurance, it is because they are general exclusion clauses applicable to all insurance policies of the company, or because the insurance company does not is willing to take risks. .

Main situations that home insurance does not cover

Home Insurance

Breakage of certain assets

Only accidental breakage of glass, sanitary ware and marble is covered. If there is an accidental breakage of any other good, it will not be covered unless we have contracted the Accidental All Risk coverage.

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Damage from facilities in poor condition

As policyholders of a home we have a series of obligations. The main one is to keep the insured risk in perfect condition, so that damages caused by lack of maintenance will not be covered by insurance. For example, if our house is flooded and it is found that the pipe that caused the problem was in poor condition, the company does not repair it, limiting its intervention to locating the fault, which will force us to assume the cost of repair.

Smoking accidents

That is to say, the damage caused by badly extinguished cigarettes and the damage suffered by objects that fall into the fire in isolation, as well as those caused by direct or indirect contact with a heat source.

Theft outside the insured home

It is a very common exclusion: if our wallet or other property is stolen while we are on the street, or even in a public place, the company will not compensate us for any of the damages.

Moderate or windy rain

For home insurance to cope with damage caused by rain or wind, it must exceed the minimum intensity and speed, and must be in line with weather reports.

Snow, water, sand, dust damage

If they go through the door or window, it means that we have not opened or closed badly.

Electrical damage

Light bulbs, lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps or similar items will be affected.

Unblocking the pipes

Most companies do not care about the smooth flow of the pipes. In case of breakdown, it can be repaired, but there is no need to pay for dredging.

Damage to the outdoors, garden, or open space

No damage to garden furniture caused by theft or atmospheric phenomena will be compensated.


If we declare that the jewel is capital and that the jewel is in a safe state, the company will not assume any responsibility if the jewel is not in the box at the time of the theft.

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In conclusion

According to data from the Spanish Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Entities (Unespa), despite the economic crisis, multi-line home insurance has increased by 4.43%. Every day there are better and more complete budgets, and the consumer must control the insured items to the maximum to make the most of them.

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