▷ The ergonomics of the furniture, axis of growth

From the kitchen to the living room, from the bedroom to the bathroom, hardware suppliers are multiplying innovations that advance the ergonomics of home furniture.

That is to say, comfort, ease of use and the increasing adaptation of furniture to the user, such as the lifting table mechanism in the living room or automatic opening systems in the kitchen.

For furniture manufacturers, it is a source of added value and an interesting investment to obtain the satisfaction of the end customer.

Ergonomics and comfort providers

There is no doubt that the furniture ergonomics it is an area of ​​progress destined for long-term development and one that will become increasingly important in the future. In fact, users are not only looking for greater comfort, but also an aging population will make consumers increasingly aware of all the innovations that can help make their daily lives easier.

For furniture manufacturers, ergonomics is a source of added value, allowing them to differentiate themselves from the competition and overcome the price war.

It is their responsibility to implement the communication strategy that allows end customers to be made aware of this problem, convince them to buy and thus ensure the sustainability of their activity in Industry 4.0.

In addition to the need to offer options in terms of dimensions and finishes, functionality should also be extended in the coming years, offering different ergonomic settings. Suppliers are ready: in this perspective, they are a force for innovation and constant proposals, as the examples below show.

Ergonomics allow for greater comfort of movement

For hardware suppliers, improving opening movements remains an important topic and a constantly evolving area.

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Ergonomics in the living room

The living room is one of the parts of the family where we spend more time and where we usually receive visits. For this reason, the sofa is one of the furniture that we use the most, and to make the most of the heart of our home, we must have a coffee table that can be raised. This is not only practical, but also the basis for a unique decoration of our living room.

Table with the lifting mechanism of the hardware firm Verdú

The coffee table can be placed in any room, from the largest to the smallest. There is a wide variety of tables on the market to meet the different needs of each user. These mechanisms provide unmatched design and versatility.

There is also something new in the quality of movement of the sofa beds, with mechanisms that facilitate the transition from the seating function to the sleeping function. For a long time, the transition from one to the other was tedious, because it was necessary to remove the seat and back cushions in order to unfold the mechanism.

For this reason, mechanisms have been developed that allow you to quickly go from the sofa to the bed and vice versa without intervening in the furniture. These new mechanisms are also a comfort factor, since they allow the integration of 18 cm thick mattresses, compared to the 14 cm before.

Ergonomics in the kitchen

In the kitchen, the general trend towards handleless furniture generated a few years ago the development of electromechanical opening systems, mainly in large drawers.

These solutions continue to struggle to prevail on a large scale due to their high cost, which is why suppliers have improved their production costs. The trend for handleless doors or lifting mechanism in living room tables they are gaining great prominence in an ergonomic home.

Rest of the home

Proposals to improve ergonomics and movement are also being developed in the rest of the home. The user benefits from Discreet, beautifully designed hardware systems that is integrated into the decoration of the house.

Furniture customization

An ergonomic furniture today can also be an element that adapts in a personalized way to the user, a subject for which suppliers offer more and more solutions. There are professionals, such as cabinetmakers, who can develop custom furniture with these latest generation fittings.

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Space optimization

Finally, hardware suppliers also offer ergonomic solutions that make it possible to optimize the available space. With systems specially designed to be able to close and open the doors of a kitchen area that opens onto the living room. The doors, thanks to a double damping mechanism, allow automatic door extraction in one direction and a closing reminder in the other, so that it either closes or disappears completely.

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