Rediscover your Garden with a Bioclimatic Pergola

A bioclimatic pergola turns a beautiful terrace into a cozy living room where you can relax at any time of year, whatever the temperature.

The lucky users who already have a bioclimatic pergola installed in their home love the practical and aesthetic solutions it offers. They can enjoy their sofa and other furnishings, both indoors and outdoors. If they have unexpected visitors and it is raining, they can protect themselves with a view of the garden. Thanks to the bioclimatic pergola you can enjoy the garden almost all year round.

What is a bioclimatic pergola?

In recent years, the bioclimatic pergola has experienced growing success. But it is still relatively unknown to many.

Let’s start by clarifying the meaning of the term ” bioclimatic “. Refers to a construction that exploits and optimizes natural resources of the environment. Whether it is too hot or too cold, the bioclimatic pergola allows you to enjoy a comfortable space with an ideal climate. It also helps reduce energy consumption.

The bioclimatic gazebo, an ideal solution

The bioclimatic pergola is the perfect compromise between the awning and the winter garden. In fact it’s a lot more functional and efficient .

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More aesthetic and practical than awning, the pergola is also easier to install than a veranda. It takes less work, and once summer rolls around, the air doesn’t get stifling, as can sometimes be the case on a deck. The same goes for gazebos that become real greenhouses when the sun persists.

Adapts to all weather situations

This is the main characteristic of the bioclimatic gazebo: it adapts to any climate.

  • Sun. A bioclimatic pergola allows you to benefit from a space with custom light. The the most They are adjustable , to allow more or less the sun’s rays to pass through and adapt to your position. By tilting the slats, it is easy to create a shaded space and allow what happens a fresh air stream .
  • The rain. Depending on the model, some pergolas are completely raincoats. Undoubtedly, you have already settled quietly on your terrace and have been forced to enter by a temporary downpour. By closing the gazebo slats, you can stay even if it’s raining. Models are also equipped with a gutter for water flow. Therefore, it is possible to install a rainwater recovery system .
  • Wind and snow. You will understand that this door system is really ideal, but that is not all. It is also thanks to this that the gazebo has a great weather resistance. In fact, when the wind is blowing hard or there is snow, the slats in the open position prevent air from being swallowed and the snow load from being excessive.

It reduces energy consumption

Another advantage of the bioclimatic pergola, if you are installed against the house and is aluminum, allows a function of energy consumption savings. You are probably wondering why, and the answer is very simple. During cold seasons, the sun’s rays will be able to refract on the pergola slats, which will naturally heat your home, thus allowing less use of heating.

Unlike a classic wall pergola, the bioclimatic pergola lets the sunlight penetrate inside your house in autumn / winter thanks to the open position of its slats. However, it retains its basic function in summer: protect from the intense rays of the sun, which also allows to give shade to the next room. Then the use of ventilation or air conditioning can be reduced.

A bioclimatic pergola: the best of two worlds

The owners were looking for both a light construction under which to be protected while maintaining the impression of being outside (this thanks to the adjustable slats on the ceiling), as well as a ‘cozy’ outdoor space that can be closed to be able to enjoy your terrace or the pool in total privacy.

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When the sun is shining, you can enjoy it as much as before, but with the advantage that no more worrying about storing garden furniture. When it starts to rain, the rain sensor automatically closes the roof slats. If the wind is blowing too hard from one side, the blinds are closed to protect yourself from the draft. If it’s cold at night, some kind of heater can be turned on. The atmosphere is very pleasant and can be enjoyed even in the middle of winter.

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