▷ Moving without stress: 10 practical tips

You bought the house of your dreams! You have changed apartment! Next step, organize your future move … How to move without stress? The golden rule is anticipation: contact a moving company, sort your belongings, look for boxes, change your email address, etc. Here are 10 tips to live your move with serenity.

The list of tips for a stress-free move

Whether you have built the house of your dreams or you bought it from someone else, the move will be the most difficult part of this project. Source of stress for many people, it requires a well-tuned preparation so that everything goes well on D-day.

Choose the right date to move in (and pay less)

Set a date first, but not at random. Avoid summer , especially the last two weeks of August, but also on Saturdays and Sundays to pay less.

Prepare at least a month in advance

The to-do list is long … If you have a family to take care of, a job that takes you every day, you don’t have more than 24 hours to prepare for your move without stress.

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Classify your belongings, clothes, furniture, etc.

A move is an opportunity to classify your dressing room and your belongings (clothes, furniture, etc.)! You will be able to get rid of unnecessary things that will not belong in your new house or apartment. And why not, sell them to earn some money. And for fast and efficient sorting, see Kon Mari method developed by the famous Marie kondo.

Estimate the volume of furniture and boxes

Anticipate the volume of furniture and boxes to avoid unpleasant surprises. Measure the area of ​​a room and divide it by two (for example: an area of ​​50 m² divided by two = 25 m3). This technique will allow you estimate the number of boxes what do you need, the amount of trips to and from your new home, but also the size of the vehicle if you plan to rent one.

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Ask several moving companies for a quote to compare prices

Are your loved ones unavailable on the big day? Anticipate and look for professionals let them transport your furniture for you. But beware, this intervention has a cost and the final invoice can quickly absorb your entire budget … Avoid unpleasant surprises by contacting different companies. They will provide you several quotes to better compare and find the best price and service.

Notify the change of address and resend your mail

Did you sold your house or apartment and the new owners will be coming soon? Don’t forget to forward your mail to your new postal address by contacting the Post Office. Remember also to notify the different companies of your change of address: energy provider, social security, telephone operator, car insurance, etc. It would be a shame if their electricity bills or heating get lost.


Reserve parking to make moving easier

Moving downtown? Is better make sure you have a parking space available in front of his new house on moving day. Contact your town hall to reserve a space under your house. Depending on your municipality, this service will be free or paid. Contact your town hall at least two weeks before the date to reserve a place.

Fill the boxes to maximum capacity

A badly fitted plate, a badly wrapped vase and guaranteed breakage! Fill your boxes carefully and with the appropriate material (bubble wrap for fragile objects). Choose large boxes for lightweight items Y smaller boxes for heavy items . Make sure nothing moves in the boxes filling them to the maximum . This will allow you to optimize and avoid damage.

Choose a marking system for your boxes

The boxes, brought from your old home to your new home, run the risk of quickly invading your entry hall. The most sensible thing is to place each box in the room corresponding to its use. Write the name of the room in the boxes or opt for a colored sticker system that corresponds to each of the rooms, taking care to distribute a sheet with this color code to your removals or to your relatives who have come to help you.

Upon arrival, check the status of your belongings

Once the move is complete, you only have one idea in mind, unpack and put everything away! But if you have gone through a moving company, you should make a quick inventory of your boxes and furniture. Check that nothing is broken or damaged. Write down any incidents and notify it within 10 days to the moving company.

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Last tip

Does the property you just acquired need a little reform? If you were thinking of moving first and then getting the job done, change your plans! You will have enough to do with your boxes, storage, etc. so avoid having to move all your furniture in a few weeks to renovate the interior. Is better plan a work period before your move , it will be less stress.

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