Malaga is called to lead the real estate recovery

For many it is not a secret that the Costa del Sol is one of the best destinations to live and invest. Its cultural, gastronomic, service and leisure offer, linked to the excellent quality of life, create a perfect tandem that every year attracts thousands of tourists who choose this destination as their second home. Thanks to these and other reasons, homes for sale in Malaga It is called to be the spearhead of the recovery of the Spanish real estate market after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Malaga predicts a recovery of the appraisal value in 2021

A study by the appraisal agency Alia Appraisals on the Malaga real estate market predicts that in 2021 the appraisal value will recover. The sale price, appraisal and market price are analyzed. Considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the study observed several scenarios, depending on the speed of recovery, and concluded that in terms of appraised value, a timid recovery is expected throughout 2021. But it will continue to be lower than value pre-pandemic, while next year’s sale price will remain stable.

Malaga, a golden retreat for retirees from all over the world

The health system, the low crime rate, the climate, the culture and the cost of living are the main reasons that have made the Costa del Sol and the province of Malaga a golden haven for retirees from all over the world. . In fact, in the municipality of Alcaucín, a third of its 2,300 neighbors are over 65 years old, and the majority are foreign residents of British descent. This is just one example of how the foreign population is interested in living in southern Spain for the retirement of their dreams.

According to Forbes magazine; which has compiled a list of the best destinations in the world to take advantage of this “golden age”, designates the Costa del Sol and Malaga as the preferred destinations in Spain. The publication periodically prepares a list of the best places for its American readers.

What is it like to live in Malaga?

With a population of more than 500,000 inhabitants (according to data published by the INE in 2018), Malaga is the third province in Spain with the highest demand for housing. The city offers a variety of settings, from the hustle and bustle of business and leisure in the city center to the quiet areas in the mountains.

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Of course, we must not forget the beach, which is the element that gives character to some of the most emblematic neighborhoods (such as La Malagueta or the old fishing district of Pedregalejo).

Málaga promenade – Image from Pixabay

For those who decide to move to Malaga, they will have a unique climatic advantage, particularly temperate, thanks to the fact that the city is “protected” by mountains, creating a unique natural microclimate. Another great advantage is its tranquility: Malaga has wide streets, large parks and excellent views (for example, Gibralfaro). A thriving promenade, where you can enjoy the gentle sea breeze. In the historic center of the city, we highlight large buildings such as the famous Alcazaba, the Roman theater or the cathedral. The city is also a model of the wealth of Andalusian gastronomy, related to the always healthy Mediterranean diet.

A unique complementary offer

The Costa del Sol is not only famous for its beautiful cultural offer, of which the city of Malaga is the reference, where there are internationally renowned museums, but also for other natural attractions, such as the Caminito del Rey, a unique path that is largely visited by foreign tourists.

This place is linked to the Senda Litoral, a very ambitious project that has been launched by the Diputación de Málaga, and that tends to unite the entire coast of the province with a promenade. Currently there are 120 functional kilometers and growing.

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An international airport connected to the world

The province of Malaga is known for the character of its people. A hospitable land, where one of its main values ​​is its International Airport connected to the world. Before the coronavirus, passenger numbers had increased by up to ten points from the previous year. Most of them had been international flights.

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