Cleaning, a pleasant task with the help of Smart Home technology

Cleaning is a cumbersome task, whether at home or in the office. In addition, it is an unproductive time that many people believe could be used for other more enjoyable, more comforting issues.

However, there is no doubt that well-ordered, clean and hygienic spaces will translate into a greater sense of well-being. And that’s not to mention the health associated with cleanliness and hygiene. When there is no cleaning, pathogens appear that can cause diseases.

The appearance of household appliances supposed a real revolution for housework, hence the generic name they receive, but if in addition to this they add the ability to program these devices, that is, introduce home automationThe result is being able to dedicate time to other occupations.

What does Smart Home technology contribute to cleaning?

It is known as Smart home to the smart homes, that is, those that are designed to incorporate advanced robotic technologies, programming, internet connection and digital devices to perform cleaning tasks.

It is not a matter of cleaning the home itself, but of purchasing appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners who assist in cleaning the office. This example is the best of the adaptation of this technology to cleaning,

In the market we can find models of robot vacuum cleaners that work autonomously and which can be marked for cleaning territory. The autonomy of these devices reaches times greater than two hours and they are operated from the mobile phone, the computer, the tablet or a remote control.

On  we can see a comparison of these devices. Many already popular firms in the design of household appliances have been incorporating devices of this type to their catalog for years, as is the case of Taurus or Rowenta. In addition, national companies have also appeared that offer devices with a high quality-price ratio, see the case of the Cecotec Conga. And if we talk about Asian brands, Xiaomi gains a lot of ground.

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What differentiates robot vacuum cleaners from broom or sled vacuum cleaners?

Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular with many families and workplaces for their ability to work autonomously. That is the big difference between these devices and the rest of vacuum cleaners.

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Despite the technological advances that occur in other devices, and they are numerous, because they allow a greater efficiency, more tank capacity, longer autonomy… The difference between all of them and the robots is that they do work autonomously.

The Conga, Roomba, Ecovacs and many others can vacuum the floor and other surfaces without a person having to hold them, as is the case with hand-held vacuum cleaners, brooms and sleds.

In what other household appliances can home automation be introduced?

Robot vacuum cleaners are to cleaning what kitchen robots are to gastronomy, since the latter allow food to be introduced and the appliance itself to cook. This same home automation technology can also be integrated into devices such as washing machines, refrigerators, ovens and telecommunications, and even air conditioning and lighting.

However, in all these cases it is necessary to understand their different casuistry. The washing machines to be able to work need that the clothes are inside the drum. Once this is covered, you can already tell the appliance when to start washing clothes remotely.

Something similar happens for the kitchen, no matter how much the robot cooks, you have to introduce the food into the appliance. In the ovens too you can change the type of cooking, select the cooking time and clean it.

An interesting point, which no longer has to do so much with cleaning but with domotic character in homes, is the capacity of smart refrigerators. Refrigerators no longer just cool, but they warn when the food expires and there are even models on the market that get that its doors are made transparent to see the interior without having to open it.

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Smart Home technology, in cleaning and many other tasks, is designed to optimize time in other tasks and that all this is sprinkled with energy efficiency and economic savings.

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