Alternatives to Naturgy in Spain- and save on the electricity bill

Gas Natural Fenosa (today Naturgy) is one of the main electricity and natural gas companies in the national energy sector. Discover all the information about Naturgy: how to contact the company, office and telephone, electricity and gas rates, customer opinions or how to do any management with your contract.

Gas Natural Fenosa becomes Natural

After celebrating 175 years in the energy market, Gas Natural Fenosa continues to be one of the main electricity and natural gas companies in Spain. Now, natural gas Fenosa has been renamed Naturgy.

The change of company name represents a renewal of the company, because Naturgy is a new brand that wants to reflect its new values. Confidence, flexibility, agility, excellent customer service.

But the most important difference lies in its commitment to the environment and its adaptation to meet the needs of the global market. In this article we are going to alternatives to Naturgy and tips to save on the electricity bill.

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Let’s see the different alternatives to Naturgy

At Costa we want to help you find the best offer to save on your electricity bill as alternatives to Naturgy.

Classic electric company Electricity tariff Price kWh Offer discount
repsol logo Online Rate € 0.1290 / kWh Includes Payment Protection Wizard one year
iberdrola logo Stable Plan € 0.1147 / kWh € 60 on the first invoice when contracting online
endesa logo One Light € 0.1270 / kWh Does not establish discount
naturgy logo Easy Light € 0.1134 / kWh 10% discount on electricity consumption

How to save on the electricity bill with alternatives to Naturgy?

By taking a series of measures in the customer’s electricity consumption habits and in the electricity supply contracts, electricity bills can be saved. To save energy, it is important to know the elements that make up the electricity bill.

The main content of the electricity bill

Hired potency

  • It has a fixed cost and refers to the electricity contracted in the house or in the house. The higher the electric power, the higher the rates to pay during the semester.

Consumption term

  • It is determined by the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) consumed during the billing period. The cost will depend on the consumption and the price in kWh set by the seller.

There are a variety of measures to save on electricity bills, including changing your electricity bill, utility bill, and reducing contract power.

Compare between the different companies to save on the electricity bill

Changes in electricity prices can mean significant savings on electricity bills. Renting the electricity prices that best suit the needs and consumption habits of customers is a good opportunity to reduce electricity bills.

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You can hire the cheapest electricity price. To do this, users must previously compare different quotes in the market and then place a bet to offer a competitive price and a quote in better conditions.

Provided that the previously signed quote does not have a permanent term, the modification of the price of electricity is a completely free procedure for customers. The effective period is 15-20 business days, and to make changes, the current settlement period must end.

Alternatives to Nartugy Will changing companies help me save on my electricity bill?

Another option to save on electricity bills is to switch electricity companies between the Naturgy alternatives. This is a free management, as long as there is no perpetual period involved, users can perform as many times as they see fit.

How much saving reducing the contracted power?

Users can also save on electricity bills by reducing the house’s energy contract. Through this management, the validity period of your electricity bill will be reduced.

When it comes to reducing energy consumption, it is very important that customers calculate the kilowatts required in their homes, if their energy consumption is lower than the real demand, they will suffer continuous power cuts as long as they exceed the contracted kW. The dealer only allows you to change the power supply once a year.

What does it mean to reduce the energy contract?

Reducing the power of the contract is a cost to users, and users will have to pay the so-called coupling fee. The price is 9.04 euros + VAT.

What is the term to reduce the energy contract? The validity period of the energy saving measures provided for in the contract is 15 to 20 business days.

Load curve, what is it and how does it help you save?

The charge curve is a graphical representation of the amount of electricity consumed in a certain period of time. With it, users can consider when to consume more power to determine peak demand during installation.

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All users can access the charging curve of their electricity supply points through the customer area of ​​their distributor or the customer area of ​​the distributor. Among them, the consumed power, the time of occurrence and the highest power demand will be displayed.


The data provided in the load curve is usually displayed in the form of graphs, where research on energy consumption is easier. However, if the customer wishes, the data can be downloaded to an Excel file.

Thanks to the charging curve, the user can save on bills because they can program and manage their own electricity consumption and move it to the lowest cost hours, therefore, a more optimal and efficient use of energy.

Alternatives to Naturgy: Tips to save on the electricity bill

In addition to saving with the alternatives to Naturgy, we must pay attention to all the details of energy consumption at home. There is no doubt that the routine changes caused by the pandemic have caused a significant increase in the consumption of electricity, natural gas and water in homes, because now the majority of Spaniards spend 24 hours at home.

Teleworking, meals at home, sports, online courses for children and free time add to your electricity bills, but how do you save them on time?

Through small gestures and daily habits, we can save a lot of energy. If you want to reduce your electricity bill during delivery, you should take into account the following main tips:

Check the rates and power of your contract. This factor is very important when saving on electricity bills, as it determines the fixed cost of electricity bills. The contracted electricity determines the number of electrical appliances that can be connected to the home. The more kilowatts you log, the higher the fixed term rate. To do this, we recommend that you calculate the actual kilowatts required according to the characteristics of the house, electricity consumption, the number of people in the house and electricity consumption habits.

If your needs and consumption habits change, and you need to reduce energy consumption, you must contact your company to fulfill the request.

If you sign a contract, you can take advantage of discriminatory hourly rates. Hourly discrimination is a type of electricity bill, which can calculate electricity consumption in two periods (day and night). The night is the cheapest period, also known as the off-peak period.

Take advantage of the rate with hourly discrimination if you have it contracted. Try to adapt your consumption habits as much as possible to the cheapest time (that is, outside peak hours), you will see it on your electricity bill. Remember that in summer, peak hours (expensive) occur from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm, and peak hours (cheap prices) occur from 11:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

Maintain the proper temperature in your home. Although it is not necessary, since we are in the middle of spring, when the heat arrives, we recommend setting the air conditioning temperature between 24ºC and 26ºC.

Also we recommend that you raise the blinds to take advantage of the sunlight, since as spring progresses, the hours of natural light will increase, thus avoiding the use of a large number of bulbs.

If possible, lower the water temperature by lowering the thermostat a few degrees.

Unplug unused appliances in spring and summer, such as electric heaters. When they are in the standby state, they will still consume electricity, although the cost is not as much as the cost of opening the device, but they will unnecessarily increase the cost of electricity.

Electrical appliances that generate heat are the most expensive appliances. For example, avoid using a tumble dryer in a hot place. This equipment is one of the appliances that consumes the most. Make the most of the good weather to hang your clothes on the terrace. For the appliances we use for cooking, considering that many people are using tight spaces to make various cakes. It is recommended to turn it off completely to take advantage of the heat accumulated in the last minutes of cooking.

Turn off the television and computer. Avoid these devices being on standby all day, lest they continue to consume power. Therefore, we recommend that you turn them off completely when you don’t have to use them.


To end this article on alternatives to Naturgy, we want to highlight that many companies have been able to take advantage of the advancement of new technologies to make life easier for their customers and help them use electricity efficiently, thus reducing electricity bills.

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With the arrival of Google or Alexa assistants (virtual assistants in the Amazon cloud), marketers such as Endesa keep their customers informed about their electricity consumption history.

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