Alternatives to Iberdrola – Save on your electricity bill in Spain

Looking for alternatives to Iberdrola? Iberdrola energy company is one of the largest energy companies in the current market, its long history is recognized by millions of customers who believe in their natural gas or electricity contracts.

The company is committed to the commercialization of these supplies and the distribution of homes, buildings or entire companies in Spain. It is one of the five best-known mercantile companies in Spain, which together with Endesa and Naturgy, have captured 90% of the market.

The rates offered by all these companies are similar to the rates described in this article and have been achievable since the opening of the energy market in 1998. Regarding the commercialization of energy, Iberdrola operates in both regulated and free markets.

Let’s see the different alternatives to Iberdola

At Costa we want to help you find the best offer to save on your electricity bill.

Classic electric company Electricity tariff Price kWh Offer discount
repsol logo Online Rate € 0.1290 / kWh Includes Payment Protection Wizard one year
iberdrola logo Stable Plan € 0.1147 / kWh € 60 on the first invoice when contracting online
endesa logo One Light € 0.1270 / kWh Does not establish discount
naturgy logo Easy Light € 0.1134 / kWh 10% discount on electricity consumption

Save electricity by betting on cheap power companies

In recent years, checking your electricity bills at the end of the month has become a headache. The continuous increase in this ratio and the provision of a large number of printed materials, transparency of services that do not yield anything, means that the complaints of the affected consumers have not stopped growing year after year.

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Along with the current situation, many families have reconsidered this service and have chosen other cheap electric companies to save a lot of electricity bills. For this reason, it is recommended that you first fully understand all the possibilities you have to achieve the best benefit.

How to find the cheapest electric company

If you plan to switch power companies, it is recommended that you rely on professional services, such as services provided by “electricity prices”. The price of the light is compared with the comparator of the electric company, it does not help to find the price of the light that best suits our needs, but it also saves us the monthly electricity bill.

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In addition, their service not only stops here, but also allows us to compare between companies with different prices, as well as between the prices they offer us, thus providing consumers who want to bet heavily on companies in Spain.The services they provide are cheaper and more transparent.

Due to the liberalization of the energy industry, there are now countless energy market players, old, new and small, who have come up with many interesting suggestions. Many of them specialize in family rates for SMEs or families. Small businesses provide a very attractive opportunity to save a lot of money each month without giving up the benefits we previously had.

Which electricity marketer is the cheapest in Spain?

To find the cheapest electricity seller, you only need to compare on the “Electricity price” website to verify that, indeed, we will not find the best-known electricity company in our country. It is interesting how we have just said that it is the small electricity companies that offer us the most attractive prices and are more in line with the usual possible needs of ordinary citizens.

So, whether it is lighting our home or to meet the energy needs of the company, we must know that there are many very interesting commercial companies that really care about providing high quality energy at the best price on the market.

Therefore, if you are looking for the cheapest Spanish electricity distributor to save a lot of money, you should know that with the Light Rate comparator you can instantly find the cheapest electricity company in our country. You only need to enter your contact information and specify the type of service you want to provide, and the consultant will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with the companies whose electricity bills are most relevant to your interests.

How to save the electricity bill every month?

Small daily gestures can make us obtain enormous benefits in energy saving. Precisely because in many daily activities, this is where we spend the most light. Buying more efficient appliances that consume less electricity or using them when electricity prices are cheaper are usually measures aimed at achieving these long-awaited savings.

For example, you can also bet on longer-lasting bulbs, such as LEDs, which achieve the same light intensity with less energy consumption. Don’t forget that many times, using energy more efficiently and responsibly can save a lot of money.

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The solution is in our hands. Electricity comparators can be a good ally, so every time we have to check the electricity bill.

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