▷ Advantages of having an automatic door in our garage

In recent years, technology has made it possible to develop various pieces of equipment that contribute to the comfort of a home or business. Today we talk about automatic doors, which have recently seen considerable interest and growth in the market.

The reason for its success is simple, more and more people are interested in discovering all the advantages they offer, but also because they are equipment capable of giving a modern touch to a home or premises. Here are some reasons why you may consider investing in automatic doors.

Automatic garage or porch doors: ideal for your home

Do you have a private garage, but manually opening and closing the door can be tedious? Then, we present some advantages that can motivate you to install a tilting garage door automatic.

  • Comfort: Of course, no one can deny that going home and opening the automatic door is the most convenient thing in the world. He drives his vehicle, takes the remote control, presses the button and in the blink of an eye he is in his garage. Without leaving the vehicle and without exposing yourself to inclement weather. There is no heat in summer or cold in winter.
  • Home security: Automatic doors have a unique opening system designed so that no one can copy them. Therefore, no one will be able to access your home through your garage. You will also be much safer, as you will not have to get out of your car and you will avoid being mugged or having your car stolen if you had to go out to open a manual door.
  • Time saving: For the same reasons we explained above, that is, you do not have to get out of the vehicle, you will save a lot of time every day by opening your garage door automatically.
  • Ease of maintenance: Currently, automatic garage doors do not require any maintenance. By choosing the right motor and automation, you don’t have to worry about its condition.
  • Several options: there is an extensive catalog of automatic garage doors, where each model is designed for a specific type of space and need.

Automatic doors to optimize your business

Regarding the installation of automatic doors for your store or business, we can highlight the following advantages:

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  • Improved customer service: professional automatic doors are equipped with an operator system and a motion detection system that activates the opening and closing of the doors every time a person passes. Thus, customers no longer have to open or close manually, but can enter or exit directly. It is also a very practical option to accommodate people with reduced mobility in your establishment.
  • Improves aesthetics: With automatic doors you will improve the aesthetics of your business. This is also due to the wide variety of models that exist on the market. You will find several finishes that will adapt to the decorative style of the facade. It will enhance your presence and thus entice your customers to come in and buy.
  • Optimize space: In a storage area or factory, the door should not take up a lot of space. Depending on the structure of your business, you can opt for overhead or roll-up doors. These are very suitable in small spaces, since they are hidden in the ceiling and do not take away any space that could be useful.
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A unique automation principle

For example, signature automatic garage doors work with a motorization system with devices that have the function of feeding the motor in a clockwise direction to open the garage door. On the contrary, to close, they will work in reverse. Once the door is opened or closed, a signal will be sent through a switch to stop the mechanism.

The remote control of the automatic garage door

In order to be able to open and close remotely, the automatic garage doors are operated by means of a radio-frequency remote control. The remote control emits a signal (short range) to activate the door mechanisms, as well as the entire motorization system.

The safety of automatic garage doors

An automatic garage door offers interesting safety criteria, especially compared to a conventional garage door. In fact, whether you want to get out or into the garage, all you have to do is activate the remote control signal without having to touch the opening mechanism and without leaving your vehicle. In the case of a traditional gate, leaving your vehicle alters its safety.

In the second step, the garage door motorisation is equipped with a obstacle detection which ensures that no unexpected object is disturbed by the system: this object can be, for example, the front of your car, an animal or anything else. This will prevent: breakage, injury or alteration of the proper functioning of your door.


Automatic garage doors are equipped with an automatic locking system, which makes them much less vulnerable and therefore discourage malicious people. Some models are even equipped with anti-theft systems: if activated, the opening / closing time is significantly reduced, leaving no time for intruders to sneak into your home.

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Thus, an automatic garage door brings many advantages to homes and businesses, the latter market continues to grow. It allows you to have a more practical sense of your daily habits, especially when getting in and out of your car, but also by strengthening security at the access points in your home. We also highlight the aesthetic side as well as comfort, criteria of choice for those who want to improve their daily life with ease.

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