8 steps to follow to reform a bathroom successfully

The bathroom, along with the kitchen, are the areas of the home most susceptible to reform as the years go by. Its deterioration and wear is higher due to the affectation of humidity and continued use over time. Facing a bathroom renovation can be somewhat complex, since many aspects have to be taken into account, but sometimes it is something very necessary.

Thanks to this Complete guide on renovating a bathroom offered by the company Integral Reforms Bilbao We will know at all times prices, items, budgets, aspects to take into account even the most frequent questions that arise before starting to reform a bathroom. And it is that before starting with the reform we need all the possible information that we can gather.

The 8 steps to follow to make your bathroom renovation a success

To reform a bathroom it is necessary to follow a series of steps and tips so that the project ends successfully. Some of the most important are as shown below:

Project planning

The reform project must be perfectly planned according to the available budget and taking into account all the electrical, plumbing or masonry work that must be carried out. The plans must be prepared with each cost rigorously calculated and with the exact measurements in order to avoid surprises and cost overruns in the reform project. With detailed planning we avoid improvisation and having to make changes on the fly.

Contact expert professionals

Before starting the project it is necessary to contact professional experts in bathroom renovations. These professionals will analyze the bathroom and detect the faults and needs they have and will show the ideal way to solve it with guarantees. This must be done by experts, as they know first-hand how to restructure electrical installations, sanitation, the distribution of toilets or the choice of materials.

Choice of materials

The choice of materials is another of the steps to follow when renovating a bathroom. Floor coverings and wall coverings must be resistant so that the renovation lasts as long as possible. There is a wide variety of styles available on the market and materials such as stoneware tiles and ceramic tiles are the most recommended by experts thanks to their finishes and their value for money. Other options are natural stone or marble, although they usually have a higher cost.

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Space lighting

Artificial lighting, as a complement to natural lighting, it must be functional and also decorative. It should be functional to allow comfortable personal hygiene, such as shaving or combing your hair in front of the mirror. But it must also be decorative to create environments playing with the points of light. We must decide at this point how many light points we are going to install and where they are going to be placed.

Bathroom ventilation

Ventilation in a space such as the bathroom is essential and necessary. It is where there is a greater concentration of bad odors and humidity that need ventilation for their elimination. The ventilation system must allow air to circulate, preventing humidity from deteriorating the bathroom or damaging electrical appliances. Create a space that has a window is essential whenever possible.

Bathroom safety

It is important to avoid falls and slips both in the bathtub and on the bathroom floor and therefore we can introduce some type of non-slip material to help us achieve this goal, especially if there are children or elderly people in the home. Care must also be taken to install switches and sockets in areas too close to the shower to avoid possible accidents.

Internal bathroom organization

Thinking about the furniture that we are going to install in the bathroom is also important. We need spaces to store utensils such as creams, towels, toilet paper or combs in an orderly way. If the family is large we need a storage space larger than if it is a guest bathroom. Furniture, shelves … all this must be clearly decided before starting the reform to adapt the available space to these elements.

Consistency in style

This is a more aesthetic than functional detail, but it is still important in the renovation of a bathroom. We must seek coherence in the style we have chosen for the bathroom, both in the flooring and in the tiles. In the wall lights, in the accessories and in the furniture. All these elements must follow the same aesthetic style in similar or complementary color tones to achieve a harmonic aesthetic composition.

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Now that you know everything you need to take into account before starting a bathroom renovation, you just need to put it into practice and get down to work to create that bathroom you’ve always wanted.

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