▷ TOP 10 foods to lose weight 2021

Everyone is looking for the miracle diet with weight loss foods that will delight your palate and make you lose weight. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you look, there is no miracle diet … However, certain foods can help you lose weight. They are rich, healthy and low in calories. Of course, your favorite sweets or favorite hamburger are not on the following list of foods to lose weight.

Discover the best fat burning foods to lose weight in a healthy and effective way

Discover the best fat burning foods that help you lose weight, calm your hunger, increase your metabolism and your energy level!


Crispy and fresh, they can be eaten cooked or in a salad. And we can drop it: 12 calories just per 100 grams of endive. They contain a lot of fiber, which is great news for transit, as well as potassium for elimination.


It absorbs fat from the body. Be careful not to cook it with too much fat, in the pan, the eggplant captures the fat. Like lemon and pear, it is rich in pectin that limits appetite. In addition, its diuretic qualities are excellent for health.


Is he perfect enemy of cellulite and fluid retention. Very low in calories, celery also eliminates toxins thanks to its antioxidant properties. Therefore, it captures the fat.


Usually we either hate it or love it. To lose weight, you will love it. Researchers at the Weizmann Institute (Israel) have successfully shown that it could prevent weight gain.

Goji Berries

They are rich in amino acids, minerals, and fiber. Being a natural antioxidant, this fruit reduces the level of sugar and fat in the blood. These berries are eaten once dry. A handful equals about 15 calories.

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This delicious red fruit is low in calories, but rich in antioxidants and nutrients, it is one of the best fat burning foods. Food lovers can have fun as 100 grams of strawberries contain only 33 calories. Consume without whipped cream.

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This colorful fruit is not only delicious, it is also known for its anti-cellulite and diuretic properties. Loaded with fiber, it favors the elimination of fats. Be careful, These properties refer to fresh pineapples, not those canned with syrup.


Contains pectin. With this, those who eat it see their feeling of satiety diminish. That’s not all, since the pear is also rich in fiber, which is why it helps in regulating digestion.


It also contains pectin. Therefore, it also acts as an appetite suppressant. Orange is full of vitamin C, so it is excellent for health. This citrus fruit has the power to trap fat and stabilize blood sugar levels.


Lemon pectin has an appetite suppressant role. Burns fat naturally. It also has moisturizing properties and stimulates digestion. The good reputation of this fruit is well deserved.


To achieve and maintain a healthy weight, try incorporating the best weight loss foods listed in this article into your diet. Sometimes losing weight can be a slow and frustrating process when we don’t have the best tools at our disposal. Fortunately, we have an effective means at our fingertips: our choices of weight loss foods. Also, we can make sure that we include low calorie foods on our plate. This will necessarily bring us closer to our goal of losing weight and will be beneficial to our health. But still, there are also fat burning foods, which promise to produce results more quickly.

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These weight loss foods are remarkably low in calories, boost metabolism, high in fiber, or quench hunger. Among the many fat burning foods, several of them also share a common characteristic: they are full of vitamin C. In addition to fighting colds, vitamin C helps produce collagen, contributes to skin health, can protect the heart and help destroy free radicals associated with certain cancers. New scientific data on the properties of vitamin C shows that they help you burn fat and lose weight in a healthy way.

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