▷ The artichoke diet to lose weight? The harsh reality

The artichoke diet is a diet focused on a single food, although it has different variants, its principle is to use the artichoke or its juice as the main part of certain meals. From the beginning, a diet that only uses the artichoke as a staple food will fail because it will be a diet low in calories and nutrients.

In the diet the artichoke is cooked in different ways: cream, roasted, cooked or even mixed with juice. They are very monotonous diets, you end up hating food and are very hungry, which makes you hate the diet or the simple concepts of weight loss.

Whatever the recipe, the artichoke is appreciated in any dish. In addition, like most vegetables, it has nutritional qualities for the body.

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Does the artichoke make you lose weight?

The artichoke is best known for its effect of stimulating the production of bile, which facilitates the digestion of fats. This also has the effect of promoting transit and therefore reducing constipation and possible bloating. At the same time, it regulates cholesterol by reducing the bad (LDL) in favor of the good (HDL), which favors the health of the vessels and the heart.

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The slimming power of the artichoke?

It is credited with its diuretic and detoxifying effect. In fact, thanks to its high concentration of potassium, it increases the urinary leakage of our toxins and our waste. But we urinate water and not fat! And if we lose a little weight by losing a little water, the body is responsible for restoring balance with the first glass of water. Therefore, there is no lasting effect on weight.

Nutritionally speaking, like many other vegetables, the artichoke has a whole arsenal of beneficial vitamins for our body (B9, K, C and E) and essential trace elements such as magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium … Therefore, it is good for general health.

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And if you don’t like its taste but want to benefit from the cholagogue effects of the artichoke, you will find it in artichoke infusions, artichoke juice jars, artichoke extract tablets, soups, juices, everything is possible. But don’t be fooled by the slimming talk around artichoke, because nothing shows an artichoke slimming effect.

Artichoke diet, a short-term restrictive diet

The “artichoke” diet has been around the world. Dazzled by immediate weight loss due to dehydration, it is believed with weight loss. Hence its success in the media and with certain American actresses, fond of the waist somewhat “skinny” naive and who do not see beyond the tip of the nose!

But as with many diets, we quickly regain all the pounds we have lost… and more.

95% of people who have followed a diet regain or even exceed their initial weight. The reason ? The problem is not so much what you eat but what keeps you from eating. The more we abstain from what we want (more or less, so-called “fatty”, fatty and sweet foods), the more desirable these foods have become forbidden. Until the moment we crack and sink into compulsion to regain everything we lost, with a great added bonus.

Stuffing yourself with artichoke in the belief that it will distract you from “fattening” foods only works for a very limited time! Our eating behavior becomes anarchic and responds to the frustrations we have inflicted on ourselves. The rigor in which we had settled gives way to untimely bites between meals and binges, low self-esteem and guilt, which only reinforce our discomfort and push us to start over. Outcome? We gain weight again.

Consequences of restrictive diets

The consequences of a restrictive diet they are catastrophic. Those who do not develop eating disorders have an unregulated metabolism, and they blame themselves for not having maintained their weight loss. However, dieting successfully is not a matter of willpower, and it is quite normal not to lose weight and maintain weight loss as well.

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Also, what about the pleasure of eating? The artichoke is a delicious vegetable, but not to the point of making it a cure for several days or even weeks to the detriment of other foods that are equally good for our health and our palate. It is a safe bet that after a few days you will only have one wish, to move on! And often for fatty and sweet foods, to reward you for your hard work.

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