▷ The 10 best dental clinics in Spain in 2021

It is our duty to maintain our physical and mental health in the best possible way. To achieve this goal, it is important to have specialists in each health department, who can provide us with the most complete care and help us quickly find a way to alleviate when we feel bad. If you are looking for an expert in oral health, we bring you the 10 best dental clinics in Spain.

Spain has about 2,000 dental service agencies throughout the country and more than 4,000 professionals can serve patients. Through this huge network of professionals, it is possible to obtain a public and private treatment. If you want to know the best dental clinics in Spain, we recommend that you carry out an in-depth investigation, taking into account your area and the services you need, in order to obtain the clinic that best suits your budget.

The best dental clinics in Spain

Finding a dentist who makes us feel comfortable is not easy, because the odontology it is one of the health sciences that most concerns people. However, it is necessary to visit the dentist at least once a year to prevent any disease of the oral instruments, including teeth, gums, periodontal tissue, maxilla (maxilla and jaw) and jaw joints.

Knowing the complexity of this matter, we highlight that the importance of choosing your dentist among the best dental clinics in Spain is not in vain.

Navarro dental clinic: Specialists in dental implants in Madrid

Among the best dental clinics in Spain and Madrid are the owners of the Navarro clinic. Your task is to free patients from the fear of dentists through friendly treatment and the application of the latest dental technology, in order to reduce the discomfort of surgery.

Under the same goal, they provide conscious sedation as part of the treatment. Similarly, you can choose a financing plan to cancel your dental treatment (up to 36 months).

Abascal dental clinic: One of the best dental clinics in Valladolid

Abascal Clinic has offices in Valladolid and Medina de Rioseco, which can provide general dentistry services, conservative dentistry, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, implants and provide specialized orthodontic treatment.

It has a large number of professionals who specialize in preventive and corrective dentistry, as well as aesthetics, such as orthodontics. The types of orthodontics that you can get at Abascal include classic braces and other innovative techniques like invisalign.

Los Valles Clinic: The best clinic in Guadalajara

Among the best dental clinics in Spain, one of the most capable clinics in Guadalajara, Spain. The Los Valles Dental Clinic has the best team of dentists and advanced dental technology, and has more than 15 years of experience in the oral health market.

You can make the first diagnosis for free at the headquarters of Avenida de Francia N ° 12 at local address 19005 in Guadalajara (Spain). They provide invisible orthodontic services and high-end dental implants, providing modern and cutting-edge technologies such as invisalign and Damon.

Dental 2Doce: Among the best in Madrid

2Doce Dental Clinic specializes in dental aesthetics, invisible orthodontics and dental implants. However, this does not rule out all the beneficial treatments for oral health at its Madrid headquarters.

Their professional team also includes the best pediatric dentists who treat young children.

Benalúa Dental Medical Center: Smile Designers

This company with 20 years of experience in the service is located in Alicante, Spain, and is one of the best dental clinics in Spain. They use the most advanced technology in the field for periodontal, orthodontic, dental cosmetic and 3D implant treatments.

They bring creativity, quality and safety to each job and include in their products an innovative technology of instant loading, which includes integral prostheses to repair the function and aesthetics of the jaw. With Benalúa, you can get a new smile instantly.

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Del Sol Dental Clinic & Specialties: A smile in Marbella

The Sol & Especialidades Clinic is hosted by Dr. Roberto Dantiochia Limonta, who has been smiling for more than 30 years, due to his development trajectory, the pleasant service provided to the public and the various applicable treatment methods, it is considered one of the best clinics in Spain. .

These include content related to dental aesthetics, implants, pulp, gum care, and orthodontics. In addition, the clinic also offers cosmetic treatments such as hyaluronic acid fillers.

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Pordomingo Dental Clinic: Oral health and aesthetics to order

This dental service in Burgos allows you to make appointments online, including a brief consultation with Dr. Pordomingo through a question and answer form. Treatments they can use include oral surgery, dental implants, whitening, and traditional invisible orthodontics.

They provide a lot of professional information related to oral diseases on their online platform, if you have any abnormal symptoms, they can be used as a guide.

Udemax Group: Dentists in Mallorca

It is time to mention Udemax in Mallorca on the list of top dental clinics. With the latest dental technology, Udemax can find the best results for your teeth based on your needs.

They have an emergency mode, you can access in an emergency, you just need to call or come closer. With a history of more than 40 years in the dental care market, the clinic provides assistance in children’s dentistry, adult beauty and orthodontics.

La Merced: Dental and Maxillofacial Clinic

Located in Valencia, La Merced is one of the best dental clinics in Spain, specializing in cosmetic dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. For La Merced dentists, oral health not only involves the prevention and treatment of diseases, but also has important aesthetic factors that directly affect the patient’s self-esteem.

As they have an operating room with special equipment, in La Merced, you can opt for maxillofacial surgery, such as tooth extraction, reconstructive surgery, cyst removal and even maxillofacial reconstruction.

Novasalud dental clinic: Your trusted dentist in Cádiz

NovaSalud professionals care about how to care for the oral health and beauty of patients, provide high-quality services, and pay attention to technical development trends in the field of dental care. Its purpose is to achieve a “beautiful and healthy smile” in a comfortable and safe environment.

The services they provide include general dentistry (prevention and treatment), orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, dentures and dentures, maxillofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry, and special patients. The latter includes hypertension, diabetes, and psychological and psychiatric treatments.

Tips for choosing the best dental clinic

Without specific dental knowledge, it is not easy for a patient to choose a “good” dentist. Good news: there are reliable ways to stop your choice! Paths to follow.

Visit their website

Visiting the website of a dental office allows you to get a general impression of the professionalism of the doctor: is the site aesthetic, intuitive, complete? Can we find complete information on dental health, practical information to get to the office, a number to call in case of emergency … Whether amateur or professional, the website already reflects the care that the dentist provides to their patients?

Make a first contact by phone

The ease of getting to the dental office gives a strong indication of the seriousness of the practitioner: dozens of rings before reaching the interlocutor, there is no answering machine, a person who does not reveal his identity on the phone, an unfriendly assistant … skip his tour! The telephone reception reflects the mode of operation of the practice established by the practitioner himself. Your contact person should be able to ask you the reason for your call (control or emergency visit), the name of the person who recommended you (thank them for their trust), the hours that suit you (making two or three suggestions closed) and they will tell you how to get to the office.

The possibility of making an appointment online is also appreciated as offered by the best dental health centers and having a wide variety of consultation hours.

Get an appointment quickly and easily

In regions with no shortage of healthcare professionals, a good dental office should be able to give you a first appointment for a checkup within 15 days of your call and should be able to receive you for an emergency in the area. .day or the next day. Beyond comfort, this testifies to the good organization of the dental clinic. The possibility of making an appointment online as offered by Dentego dental health centers and having a wide variety of consultation hours is also appreciated.

Pay attention to hygiene

The state of the furniture gives valuable clues about the care given to hygiene, asepsis but also aesthetics. Similarly, a dental surgeon cannot deal without a complete technical platform. Is the practice getting old or at the forefront of modern technology? The dentist’s investment underscores your commitment to your practice. In addition, dental offices can be the site of cross contamination, they must ensure the safety of the care team and patients. For example, the dental office must take care of the sterilization of instruments and materials with very strict and supervised protocols. If the sterilization room is not always visible, however, you can observe if the doctor and assistant wear masks and gloves when in the chair.

The state of the clinic gives valuable clues about the care given to hygiene, asepsis but also aesthetics.

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Receive complete information

Finally, know your oral health is essential. For this, the doctor will need an anamnesis (a general medical questionnaire), to know their eating habits and dental hygiene, but also to carry out a panoramic screening, X-rays, photographs, or even casts … You will also need time to deliver a plan comprehensive treatment and quote! The doctor should be able to provide you with a detailed statement specifying the reimbursements for the CPAM and the remainder at the patient’s expense. Some practices even accompany their patients to obtain information on the amount covered by mutual funds.

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