▷ Soccer Unites Families

More than just a sport, soccer is a national tradition that unites and strengthens families. The first gift a baby receives at birth is a soccer ball.

Since childhood, parents play with their children sharing emotions and laughter, some even reach bet between them to show off your best predictions. The brothers pass tricks and techniques for better performance. Family tournaments are organized in public spaces where cousins, uncles, grandparents, nephews and grandchildren from the same family background meet, reaffirming ties with the practice of this sport.

Together as one in front of the TV

In the same way, when the World Cups arrive, the room is filled with family members who crowd on the sofa to enjoy and support their team while enjoying delicious sandwiches Shouts of euphoria, exclamations, complaints to the referee who is on TV, joys overflowing and displays of anger are the daily sound that accompanies the television broadcasts installed in the rooms of Spanish houses.


In every school you can see the boys in the courtyards playing soccer. When some English workers who worked in a mine in Huelva, were teaching this entertaining game to their Spanish colleagues. However, it was not until 8 years later, in 1980, when the first serious soccer game was held in Spain. From there the taste spread throughout the territory and to this day it is the birthmark that every Spaniard comes with at birth.

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Soccer is teamwork

What makes the game of soccer attractive is that all participants when playing, put aside their particular interests and focus on achieving a common goal: to score a goal. Families who practice soccer are more likely to work as a team and be successful in setting and reaching goals. The collaborative work that is generated in families when playing soccer strengthens ties and minimizes rough edges, making relationships more fluid.

Soccer is a passion that moves crowds and it is not uncommon to see people in the street following the plays through their mobiles. The personal family becomes the Spanish family when they enter a stadium to support their team in a World Cup. It is a sport that unites, that brings together, that channels the deepest emotions of an entire country

Football as a reflection of the family spirit

Soccer also shows social advances that begin in the family and are reflected in society, such is the case of female inclusion in traditionally male fields. At present, the possibility is opening that girls at very young ages can practice this sport professionally by acquiring degrees of specialization in academies designed for this purpose. So now also moms, daughters, nieces, get on the court to play with their relatives and have a good time competing and learning

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Just as each family shows what it is made of in moments of crisis, during a football match the idiosyncrasy of a country is revealed.

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