▷ Can I request a loan if I do not have a payroll or endorsement?

Many online platforms focus on providing cash quickly without having to survive the traditional bureaucracy without further delay.

The answer to the question is yes. But how? Generally, we need to inject additional funds to resolve some unexpected economic setbacks. Based on our salary and savings, we can reverse the situation and resolve the problem without further delay. But if we do not have an economic mattress or a monthly salary that allows us to save to face this capacity, what will happen?

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When applying for a loan, the traditional banking business has always been very demanding on applicants. As a result, over time this has hurt many users who cannot afford some unexpected payments or investments due to lack of salary. But the technological revolution has completely changed this situation and has drawn a new paradigm, which embodies flexibility and adaptability to customers. In this way, some online entities that manage these requests can already rent loans without pay. The amount required for the online credit line is usually not more than 4,000 euros, which can be returned in a short period of time to avoid the user’s debt.


They are usually loans at a reduced price, ranging between 50 and 4,000 euros, and will be amortized in a short period of time. Obviously, this will always depend on the agreed monthly amount and the total amount requested. The popularity of financing by these credit institutions is that they can offer products according to different audience groups without requiring strict requirements and guaranteeing a wider range of objectives.

However, the exemption from fixed payroll does not mean that certain features are not required to accept loan applications. In this way, although it is now possible to apply for a loan with income such as rent, pension or some type of public subsidy, which means that no salary is required for repayment, the applicant must meet certain requirements, in addition to completing the payment. appropriate. A unique feature that makes this type of credit popular and safe is that if the debtor is unable to meet the pre-established installment payments, the lender can renegotiate the terms to give the user a small truce.

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Is it possible to lose a loan with Financial Credit Institutions?

Another option that has become popular due to the existence of these online financial institutions is that they offer the possibility of instantly requesting mini-credits from financial credit institutions. But the most important thing is: What is ASNEF? The acronym ASNEF refers to the National Association of Credit Financial Institutions, the reason for its constitution is basically to evaluate the solvency of natural or legal persons.

In other words, it is the default file. So much so that if someone wants to apply for a loan from a financial institution, and that person is included in these documents, then the bank may doubt their financial capacity because their debt has not been paid. In this way, entering the ASNEF list can cause the relevant banks to refuse us to grant loans or any other banking service, which will have a negative impact on us when we need quick liquidity.

Traditionally, due to the financial risk of users in default, appearing in this default document prevents financial institutions from accepting loan applications. The development of some financial entities makes the possibility of appearing on the ASNEF list now more than asking for a small loan that can resolve the economic imbalances of that month.

These microcredits are specifically designed so that a person can cover their economic needs at any given time without having to incur large debts and without meeting the basic requirements of providing flexibility and adapting to people’s needs.

These loans or credits are popular because they are granted quickly without much bureaucratic procedures. Although it will always depend on each bank, the capital injection usually takes up to 48 hours. This happens to be a great advantage of online loans, that is, because the credit companies that operate on online technological platforms are different, it is easy to apply for loans from home.

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