▷ Trends and styles of decoration 2021

The decoration trends They work in cycles of different duration: certain styles of decoration appear one year, then disappear the following year or remain in time. The truth is that one day or another, yesterday’s decorating styles will once again become tomorrow’s must-haves.

If you lack decorative inspiration for your interior, our decoration tips are here to help you: design, colors, interior decoration environments … Find the style that suits you best!

Renew the decoration of your home with fabrics

Fabrics are great creators of atmosphere and comfort. Warm and versatile, they can be adapted to any space in the house. If you want to renovate your home with fabrics, you should consider their contribution in color, texture and design to enrich the space and make it warm and vibrant. Thanks to the internet, today we have a huge variety of fabrics just a couple of clicks away on the website online.

Throughout history, natural fibers have always existed in home décor. The fabric has the quality to adapt to any environment, it can be adapted to the private space (bedroom or bathroom) of the house, or to the common areas of the living room, kitchen and hall. The fabric can change the perception of the architectural form, update the appearance of the furniture or adjust the amount of light that enters the room.


What are the trendy colors for your home?

Colors add character to different rooms in the home. They vary according to decorative trends, going from a light and soft touch to a darker or neutral point. However, remember that your color choices should also be what you like the most. While the color charts are continually expanding, some trends can be highlighted.

This is especially true this year when colors are part of decorating trends such as pastels and light colors, colors that evoke the Scandinavian and Nordic world, natural tones, bright colors and green in all its nuances.

Colors help create the desired atmosphere in a room, sometimes warm and welcoming, relaxing or energizing. They also allow you to visually expand the space or, on the contrary, make it more intimate depending on its use.

Simple and effective: white or pastels

The need for calm and softness pushes us to choose white or pastel colors, which help to create a cozy, restful and serene atmosphere in our home. White has the advantage of being able to easily combine with other colors or patterns present in the room, while highlighting them. An efficient and risk-free decoration trend!

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Scandinavian colors intensify

If the Scandinavian style decor still in fashion, Nordic colors are destined to get denser and deeper. Although white is still very present, gray, beige, blue or green are darkened, for a decorating style and a more cordial atmosphere. You can also combine these cool colors with brighter colors, like yellow or pastel pink.

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Natural and raw tones to recharge batteries

There is a craze for natural materials and colors, conducive to relaxation, back to basics. This decorative trend is directly inspired by raw materials such as light wood, slate, sandstone … We are facing tones close to those of nature, neutral and true, that have not been reworked.

The intensity of bright colors

Associated with a soft color, and mixed with a careful design, dense colors are back, bringing joy and luminosity. Curry Yellow, Aqua Blue, Emerald Green.

Dare to go green!

Soothing and refreshing, green is occupying an increasingly important place in our interiors. Available in different ranges, khaki, pine green, mint green, aqua green … this shade will add personality to certain rooms in your home: a hallway, a kitchen or a bedroom, for example.

Very popular, blue evolves towards more natural tones, with more character: mineral blue and midnight blue become essential. Depending on the intensity of the blue chosen, it can be combined in different ways: with mineral gray or earth brown for mineral blue, with beige or yellow for midnight blue.

Each style of decoration has its own furniture!

For this new year, the trend is to mix the elegance and character of the furniture. Depending on the colors chosen for the floor and walls, it is advisable to decorate and enhance your interior with the right furniture: chairs of different styles, a sofa that looks like you … The most important thing is to play with them. Contrasts avoiding “tone on tone” at all costs.

Match mismatched chairs!

To give your dining room personality, go for an unconventional style by placing different chairs around the table. Backrest, seat, curves … Completely vary the styles! This mix of genres will allow you to energize the room in question. You can dare with the upholstery of the seats to give it your personal touch.

Choose the sofa that best suits you or renew the upholstery of the current one

The choice of the sofa is one of the most difficult in an interior design, since it implies studying many characteristics: length, color, shape, etc. From a simple sofa to one with removable corners, from leather to velvet, it is the essential element of a living room. Would you rather transform your current sofa rather than buy a new one? Replace the legs with casters or add wooden legs if they don’t already have them. Change the cover (color and material) to create a novelty impression in your living room. Finally, organize your cushions in different sizes and colors.

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A shelf with a refined style

The bookcase is an essential piece of furniture, whatever the style of decoration. We prefer a light and uncluttered structure, so that it blends in with the atmosphere of the room. In this way, the objects placed on this shelf will take on all their importance. Whether it’s metallic colors, raw wood, or even leather straps, feel free to vary the styles.

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