▷ What is the most searched car brand on Google?

What is the car brand that Internet users type in Google most frequently in Europe? Respond with this rating signed by Holts Auto.

Google has become the essential ally for your research on the Internet. It has also become an incredible database! So much so that the list of the most typed applications is published each year according to categories or countries.

A history of elements that the manufacturer of maintenance products, Holts Auto, has analyzed -in turn- to establish the ranking of the most sought-after car brands in the world and in Europe. The brand says it has analyzed “Google’s data history for each country” between April 2019 and May 2020 (via Google’s Keyword Planner).

It also analyzed “the average search volume of the most important and well-known manufacturers.” “We cross our references with previous studies.”

BMW is the world’s most sought-after brand

While in 2018, a previous study, conducted by an insurer, showed Toyota as a great leader, this ranking puts the BMW brand in the spotlight. According to the Holtz Auto study, the German manufacturer leads Google’s search in 137 countries (out of 172 analyzed). In the United States, BMW would add more than 5 million searches.

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Toyota (leader in 21 countries) and Mercedes (leader in 5 countries) complete the podium of the most “google” brands in the world. Tesla ranks fourth in the rankings, well ahead of a historic manufacturer like Volkswagen (eighth). This position shows the growing consumer appeal of 100% electric models.

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As for Ferrari, the Italian brand continues to enjoy an incredible aura among Internet users. It ranks seventh in the world ranking of the most searched brands on Google between May 2019 and June 2020. It is also the first car application… in Monaco!

And in Europe?

In the Old Continent as in Spain, BMW continues to occupy the first place. Toyota ranks second… ahead of Tesla! It is difficult to explain this ranking, because when we take the top 10 best-selling cars in Europe in 2019, no BMW model is included and it is Volkswagen that dominates with its Golf. The Wolfsburg manufacturer ranks fifth on Holtz’s list.

Countries from all over the world (or almost) have been ranked, and it sounds amazing, BMW is the biggest winner in this study. In fact, German manufacturers rank first in several countries, including France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. BMW is among the first in the overall ranking of 137 regions, which is a great achievement for this Bavarian company.

The propeller manufacturer is far ahead of the second, Toyota, and its historic rival Mercedes-Benz. Fourth is Tesla Inc. of California, which revolutionized the auto industry with its electric vehicles. In fact, this company ranks first in the two economically strong countries, Norway and Switzerland.

BMW, Toyota and Tesla have once again become the most popular brands globally and in Europe. Interestingly, in the Old World, Ferrari ranks fourth, in fact, it is the most popular company in Monaco.

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Volkswagen is also in fifth place, which does not surprise us, because the Golf has been the best-selling model in Europe for many years, and other models (such as Polo and Tiguan) also have a large following.

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