▷ Are hydrogen cars the future of the automobile?

We have seen, read and heard it in all the media in recent times. Hydrogen is the “Future of new energies”, according to Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission. But … Can we imagine in 10 years’ time seeing cars running on this fuel? Keep reading to know more:

Hydrogen, an energy for the future in the motor world?

“Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe”, the engineer Jean-Marc Jancovici explained recently in L’Express. It is also the simplest and the oldest. How is it that in a few months hydrogen has positioned itself as the fuel of the future for the entire automotive sector? How to explain the media avalanche around this energy described as even greener than electricity?

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According to the McKensey & Hydrogen Council report published two years ago, the transport sector will be affected by hydrogen in 2050. In particular trucks, medium and large sedans, as well as trains. The impact on smaller cars should be limited. The automotive sector should not be the only sector affected, as heating and power production should also see a rapid increase in the share of hydrogen.

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Hydrogen cars from 2030?

In 2020, the number of hydrogen-powered vehicles in the world is just 20,000. Europe is lagging behind with the 50% of cars traveling in Asia and 30% in California. In the Old Continent it is difficult to find gas stations that offer this type of fuel. Germany only you are thinking of a very ambitious plan. Angela Merkel announced in June 2020 that her country will invest no less than € 9 billion in hydrogen.

Hydrogen car

Currently, nothing seems ready in France for hydrogen cars, starting with the price. With € 10 to cover 100 kilometers , it would take a drop of at least € 3 before this fuel is competitive. For this, hope rests on the “ Hydrogen Plan ”Created in July 2020 by the European Union. It foresees the massive production of this energy from 2030. Which makes the prices more attractive. However, this fuel is currently not taxed, which should add to your cost when you do.

Hopium, a new brand, will soon market a 500-horsepower sedan that runs solely on hydrogen. This car, which costs around € 120,000, should be able to provide a range of 1000 km! And the icing on the cake: it is a French manufacturer.

The least of worries for automakers

Major automakers are focused on making up for this catastrophic year in terms of sales. The impact of containment has been devastating. They are also doing their best to reduce emissions from CO2 of the cars sold complying as best as possible with the standards imposed by the European Commission. This job makes hydrogen the least of your worries.

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As evidenced by the statements of Air Liquide (French hydrogen producer) at the Caradisiac site. For his part, the head of the hydrogen department of this French group stated that neither Renault nor PSA were really interested in him, apart from a macro-project for the diamond brand and discussions for the Leon brand. For the situation to change, the EU states and car companies, as they did with electricity, will have to seriously analyze the issue.

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