▷ COVID-19 vaccination passport: what it is and what it is for

The vaccination passport will gradually be deployed in certain countries such as Denmark or Sweden. An electronic vaccination passport in Denmark called “coronapas” could see the light of day next spring. It would allow going to restaurants, attending concerts or other cultural activities.

What is the vaccination passport?

The “vaccination passport” is a European document that attests to the Covid-19 vaccination. This passport would allow, like the classic passport, to travel abroad. The system would be equivalent to that established for yellow fever, for example. A document, prepared by the WHO, that certifies the vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory to travel to many countries such as South Africa, Australia or China.

If it seems to resemble already existing systems, the interest of this new vaccination passport could also be extended to the national territory to access certain places. It would allow, for example, to go to the restaurant, to the cinema or to a concert hall.

What countries want to implement this passport?

Following a massive vaccination campaign, the Israeli government is seriously considering implementing this certificate. Valid six months after vaccination, it would facilitate travel abroad by avoiding mandatory PCR testing and / or quarantine. It could also authorize the access of its holders to restaurants, museums or sporting events.

In discussion for several weeks, the final version of this passport has not yet been approved. The Ministry of Tourism has a great interest in the vaccination passport to encourage safe tourism in our country. The WHO has affirmed its temporary opposition to the passport due to the still limited amounts of doses and the unknowns about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

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A common vaccination passport for the entire European Union

In March, the European Commission will propose a draft vaccine passport common to all member countries of the European Union. This digital passport, the “Digital Green Pass” would provide various information:

  • Whether the passport holder is vaccinated or not
  • Test results if the caregiver is not vaccinated
  • Information regarding the traveler’s recovery if they have already contracted Covid-19

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, assured on Twitter that this passport would have the objective of “Make life easier for Europeans.” This would allow them to move in and out of the European Union in complete safety, for work or tourism. All this guaranteeing “Data protection, security and confidentiality”, assured Ursula von der Leyen.

Denmark and Sweden to launch national vaccination passport

An electronic vaccination passport in Denmark called “coronapas” could see the light of day next spring, three to four months from now. It would allow going to restaurants, attending concerts or other cultural activities that today are no longer relevant due to the risk of spreading Covid-19.

“It is absolutely crucial for us to restart Danish society so that companies can get back on track”, Danish Finance Minister Morten Boedskov said on February 3. Initially, a vaccination certificate can be issued for business trips abroad avoiding health problems. In the long term, Denmark wants an app where residents can provide information about their immune status. The passport could also be issued to people with antibodies or negative results.

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Sweden wants to launch the same process in June “With a digital vaccination certificate, it will be quick and easy to prove a complete vaccination”, said Swedish digital minister Anders Ygeman. It should be noted that the two countries have stated that they want to ensure that the certificates are compatible with the international projects discussed at the WHO and the European Union.

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