▷ Why do dogs eat grass? The answer here

Your dog is descended from powerful wolves, noble hunters, and carnivores. You are providing the best quality food, so why do dogs eat grass?

No one knows exactly why dogs eat grass, some animal specialists are almost certain that this is perfectly normal canine behavior and there is nothing to worry about.

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For simple pleasure

There are two reasons why dogs eat grass. The first is that your dog simply likes to graze, and that without harmful risks.

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Some vets suggest that dogs eat grass to supplement a nutrient deficient diet. But even dogs on a nutrient-dense diet eat grass. They may like the taste of the herb.

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Instinctive behavior

The other reason dogs eat grass is to vomit. This could very well be a deliberate instinctual act to promote vomiting after swallowing something that makes you sick.

When dogs ingest grass to vomit, they usually swallow the grass as quickly as possible, without even chewing it. Unchewed blades of grass may irritate the throat and stimulate vomiting spasms.

If your dog is vomiting after ingesting marijuana and looking absolutely fine, you’ve probably cleared up what was bothering him. If he keeps trying to throw up but can’t, or if he keeps eating grass and throwing up, take him to the vet.

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Is it safe for your health?

When your dog eats grass, pay attention to the type of grass he is eating. Don’t let him eat grass that has been treated with pesticides or fertilizers. Most lawn care products will indicate if they are dangerous to animals.

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