▷ Why are cats afraid of water?

Maybe you didn’t know that cats are good swimmers. But its dense fur quickly absorbs water, becomes heavier, and pulls the cat down as it attempts to swim. Even after a bath, the weight gain compromises their mobility and they could hardly flee from danger! Once wet, the cat’s body cools and the water removes its body odor.

All of these reasons could explain why cats don’t like water, but experts aren’t quite sure!

A wet cat licks a lot. This is how you will once again “smell good” and will be able to spread your scent.

The cat is attached to its scent, because it distinguishes it from other cats and allows it to mark its territory.

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A cat should only be washed if it is too dirty for grooming or in an emergency.

The cat’s fur protects it from the heat and rays of the sun, as well as from cold and humidity.

Many cats like to play with water, for example, with an open tap. They are captivated by the movement of the water.

Not all cats are afraid of water! The fishing cat, which lives in swampy areas of South Asia, hunts fish in the water.

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