Keys to work in 061

Since the pandemic began, if something has changed, it is the assessment of health professionals as well as other essential jobs. These, from the police, to the workers of supermarkets or transporters, during the months of confinement, showed their faces and have exposed themselves so that those who were at home, will not miss anything.

In those days many vocations were growing among those of studying age. In addition to medicine or nursing, vocational qualifications such as online health emergencies they have seen how enrollments have increased.

It seems distant, like a blurred memory, when he went out to the balconies at 8:00 p.m. to applaud the toilets for their work. One became aware of what was happening for a moment, although performances were improvised on many balconies to brighten up the street a bit.

Be that as it may, never before, in our times, the health sector in all its forms had become so important. Never before have I had so much support and, above all, never before have I had so much work or been so saturated.

Professional training in health emergencies, a good alternative

Vocational training is presented as an alternative to university due to its versatility, its ability to adapt and its professional opportunities. By having a smaller number of students, those who prepare for health emergencies can have more personalized, more specific, more practical and, above all, more real classes.

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The online modality, for its part, makes teaching much more flexible, each person being able to go at their own pace, but with the constant advice of the teaching team. It puts at your disposal all the necessary tools to be able to meet the objectives and learn, from the roots, the importance of this profession.

Knowledge of medicine, but also empathy and psychology

In this sense, in addition to medical knowledge to identify the ailment and, therefore, the urgency, it is important to have a good emotional attitude and know how to give psychological support. Because the person who is calling or who is waiting to be attended wants to feel that they are safe, they want to feel comforted and a look of empathy, a few kind words and a good treatment can make a difference.

Another of the fundamental keys for this profession is the agility with which it is served. Sometimes life hangs in the balance and it is not only important to identify what is happening like this, but you have to hurry and respond very efficiently in order to successfully resolve the situation.

In this sense, the profession itself is tough so, sometimes, it is convenient to have a bit of cold blood to avoid getting emotionally carried away and becoming a personal problem that prevents you from doing your job.

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Knowledge of medicine, empathy and psychological approach, agility in response or the capacity for abstraction are some of the skills that must be had to work in health emergencies. Many of these are about training them in order to empower them. It is important to already have something to start with because it will be easier that way, but much of all this will be learned through day-to-day experience.

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